Dentures Problems Fixed Forever

Are you fed up loose-fitting dentures slipping out at the most embarrassing moment? Tired of a poor fit leaving you unable to tackle your favourite foods? Maybe you’ve just had enough of the hassle and mess of having to glue in dentures day in, day out.

If these problems sound familiar, it could be time to consider a permanent option for fixing dentures in place.

Implanted dentures are fixed permanently to the upper or lower jaw using a simple surgical procedure to embed a series of titanium posts. You can do away with glue and unwanted slippages forever by fixing dentures to the implanted posts.

It’s no wonder so many Same Day Teeth Suite patients say dental implants have given them a completely new lease of life – with restored confidence and the ability to go back to eating their favourite foods.

Why Dental Implants?

No SlippagesĀ 

Implants are the most secure method of fixing dentures in place. It means no more slippages or loose dentures – ever!

Food Friendly

Implants keep dentures in place firmly enough to tackle even the toughest of foods, so you can eat with confidence again.

Painless Procedure

Implanting is a quick and painless procedure, and you can go back to your old routine shortly after leaving the clinic.


From then on, it’s hassle-free all the way. You’ll only have to return to the clinic for checkups as often as you would for your natural teeth.

Health Promoting

Denture implants fuse with the jaw to promote healthy bone growth over time.

Mini Options

Same day Teeth Suite also offers mini implants which are less invasive and more cost-effective than full implants. Mini implants work great with weaker or depleted jawbones.

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