Cost & Treatment Plans

Our consultation is designed to assess the very best solution for your missing teeth, as well as finding a payment arrangement to suit you.

It’s important to consider what is included in each quotation you obtain, as you may find that some other clinics cut costs by cutting corners on some vital elements. A cheaper quote can often mean a lower-quality implant, which can result in painful and expensive re-treatment further down the line.

At Same Day Teeth Suite, we ensure that our products and services meet the highest standards of safety and quality.  It’s important to ensure that each stage of this complex treatment is carried out thoroughly, from the initial examinations and diagnostic tests (such as CT scans to show the area in 3D, which helps to show the patient exactly what the treatment will involve).  Certain elements will make some implants more difficult than others, and this affects cost: for example, there may be insufficient bone, and the quality of the final restoration or crown is also a factor.

Once we have agreed on the type of treatment you need, we’ll chat with you about your budget and repayment options, so we can tailor a plan especially to suit you.

Of course, prices do vary from patient to patient. However, these treatment plans offer a good guideline:


Treatment Plans To Replace Single & Multiple Teeth

Our Economy and Standard options are ideal for areas that are hidden from view, such as back biting teeth.

But we recommend that you consider our Premium option when replacing front teeth.

Treatment Process Cost
  • 3D Blueprint & Surgery planning
  • Standard quality dental implant
  • Standard quality ceramic and bespoke tooth crown crafted by ceramist
  • 3D Blueprint & Surgery planning
  • Good quality dental implant
  • Good quality ceramic and bespoke spoke tooth crown crafted by reputed ceramist
£2100 - £2200
  • 3D Blueprint & Surgery planning
  • Highest quality dental implant
  • Computerised Shade Match - for natural aesthetics
  • Highest quality ceramic and bespoke tooth crown crafted by master ceramist
£3000- £3100

Treatment Plans To Replace all Your Teeth

Treatment Process Cost
  • 2 Implants at front
  • No bone augmentation needed
  • Removable provisional teeth
Final result = Implant retained denture
£5,000 - £7,000
  • 4-6 Implants at front & back
  • Small bone augmentation
  • Fixed provisional teeth
Final result = Implant retained bridge
£10,000 - £15,000
  • 6-12 Implants at front, back & middle
  • Bone & soft tissue augmentation for more natural result
  • High level fixed provisional teeth
Final result = Fully bespoke implant retained bridge with ultimate aesthetics
£15,000 - £20,000


(please note the cost of dentures depends on the number of teeth to be replaced, material chosen and the quality of replacement teeth)

Treatment Cost

Acrylic Dentures

From £600

Cobalt/Chrome Dentures

From £900

BPS Dentures

From £1500

Swiss Dentures

From £1500

Choose one of our all-inclusive treatment plans for guaranteed satisfaction, safety, function and price, and then we’ll help you to spread the cost to suit you.

When considering other quotations, it’s worth looking at what is included in the price.

At Same Day Teeth Suite, our quotes include:

3D planning – this reduces the risk of damaging blood vessels, nerves & vital structures

Quality implants – some cheaper labs make copy implant systems, with no regulations or standardisation in their manufacture. If the implant screw breaks, or the implant is incorrectly supported, you may be left with an unusable implant that needs to be surgically removed. The company may no longer be around to offer replacement parts.

Highly qualified lab technicians – This ensures that the final result looks natural and fits perfectly, which reduces the risk of implant failure and painful, expensive re-treatment.

Bite analysis – Fitting implants without any bite adjustments causes overloading of the implants, which is a major cause of implant failure. Your jaw muscles are strong enough to bite through wood on your back teeth – implants that are loaded incorrectly due to lack of bite analysis will fail up to 10 times faster, resulting in painful and expensive re-treatment.

Guaranteed satisfaction – We offer all our patients guaranteed input into the final appearance of their implant. Our aftercare service guarantees that you won’t be stuck with a poor result.

Call our friendly team using the number below or send us an email to to schedule your initial consultation at one of our dental practices in Nottingham, Leicester or Loughborough.