Simple Solution for Missing Teeth

A few missing teeth can cause big problems. When visible teeth are missing, it can be a massive drain on confidence which leaves sufferers reluctant to smile. Tooth loss can also cause problems with eating, leaving you afraid to tackle the foods you once loved.

Thankfully, there is a solution.

A simple dental bridge is all it takes to replace missing teeth, restore self-esteem and let you fall back in love with food again.

How Bridges They Work?

A dental bridge is a row of fake teeth produced to look identical to its neighbours. It is fixed in place using secure anchor points on the adjacent teeth or dental implant to completely restore both function and appearance.

Same Day Teeth Suite offers computerised shade matching to ensure your bridge or crown is an exact colour match to your other teeth for a look that’s utterly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Produced from high-quality hard-wearing zirconium oxide, Zirconia bridges are one of our most natural-looking options for teeth replacement.
Just like real teeth, Emax bridges have a semi-translucent quality, which makes them ideal for replacing missing front teeth.
Same Day Teeth Suite’s cost-effective porcelain bridges for multiple teeth replacement can be installed in a single visit.
Resin Retained
This minimally invasive procedure sees the bridge kept in place by a durable, long-lasting composite cement.
Used to treat just one or two missing teeth, these use a strong composite bonding material placed directly into the gap and can be applied temporarily.

Could a Bridge Work for Me?

Anyone missing one or more teeth is a candidate for a dental bridge. However, the adjacent teeth must be in good condition, as they will serve as anchors for the dental bridge. Your gums must also be healthy.

Questions? Talk to us about restoring form and function with a 100% natural-looking bridge.
Fast Procedure
Just one or two visits is all it takes to fill the gaps left behind by missing teeth.
Natural Look
With Same Day Teeth Suite’s computerised shading procedure, no one will ever know you’re wearing a bridge.
Easy Care
No extra work needed – just brush and floss as you would your natural teeth.

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