For new teeth in one day, look no further than the revolutionary treatment on which Same Day Teeth Suite made its name.

If you want to fix loose-fitting denture problems for good, or completely restore a neglected smile, you can now do so in less than a day with our Same Day Teeth procedure.

It means you can walk into the clinic in the morning with poorly fitting dentures or teeth that feel like they’d need decades of work to correct and leave in time for lunch with a set of 100% natural-looking new teeth.

Same Day Teeth are the closest it’s possible to get to having your own natural healthy teeth back again. Not only do they look just like the real thing, but they also feel completely natural too. They’re hands-down the fastest most effective way to completely restore your smile.

Same Day Teeth – Fastest for:

  • Replacing poorly fitting dentures
  • Replacing loose or missing teeth
  • An alternative to failing bridges or crowns
  • Restoring the jaw bone loss after tooth loss

The Same-Day Experts

Our team of experienced dentists and implantologists have so many years of expertise in successful Same Day Teeth procedures that we’ve staked our name on it. Same Day Teeth Suite’s experts carry out hundreds of procedures every year, making us the East Midlands leading same-day provider.

But the real reason you’ll love Same Day Teeth is the host of benefits you can expect from this simple, painless procedure which lets you get back to the foods you love from the moment you leave our clinic.

  • No more removing dentures for meals and bedtimes
  • Clean and floss your Same Day Teeth just as you would your own
  • No more roof-of-mouth palate means better taste and eating all round 
  • Bite and chewing function restored forever
  • Return to eating the foods you love
  • Promotes a healthy jawbone and improved facial aesthetics

What’s the Secret?

There’s no secret to how it works. The implants are inserted at a 45-degree angle for extra strength, so you can enjoy your favourite food from the moment you leave the Same Day Teeth clinic. The angled implants are placed in the back of the mouth where the jaw bone is most durable, meaning fewer anchor points are needed overall.

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