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Front tooth implant example

Front tooth implant example

Poor quality crown replacement example

Poor quality crown replacement example

What are the single tooth replacement options available?

There are 4 types of tooth restorations that can be done to restore or replace your single missing tooth.

Single Crown

These are “caps” that are placed over the tooth to restore its original appearance, shape, size and strength. A crown is also used to go over a dental implant to restore a missing gap. At the clinic we offer different levels of quality of crowns. This will be produced from different materials, which will dictate the final aesthetic result.

Single Bridge

Bridges fill the gaps between missing teeth and remaining teeth. This involves removal of enamel from the teeth adjacent to the gap so that a “cap” can be placed on top of the teeth then the caps are joined together through an artifice tooth.

Single Implants

Implants replace the roots of your teeth. Made of titanium, the implant is placed into your bone socket, right where your missing tooth was. The crown is then used to “cap” the implant to make it look just like your original tooth. At our clinic we offer economy implants and deluxe implants, to help meet the patients financial budget.


Removable replacement teeth made of acrylic resin with metal attachments. We call it a “complete Denture” when it replaces all your teeth, or a “partial denture” when only a few teeth are replaced and some natural teeth are still intact and in place.We offer different levels of quality of dentures at our clinics. So you can forget about ill fitting dentures with sore spots, and poor cosmetics. The dentures we offer are:

  • standard dentures
  • flexible dentures
  • injection moulded dentures
  • swiss dentures

Each one will differ in quality of fit and cosmetics.

What is the best option for me?

Your dentist will let you know the pros and cons of all options and let you know which is the best option in your case, as not all options may be suitable for you

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