I just want you to know that I love my teeth and I am so satisfied with their services. I am recommending Same Day Teeth Suite to all my friends.


Who is “Teeth in a Day” for?

1. People who are embarrassed by there smile due to failing and painful teeth.
2. People who are embarrassed by wearing full dentures and wish to have fixed teeth. This will improve their confidence, as they will be able to eat all food without being embarrassed by their denture moving. We also provide different levels of quality of teeth, so that we can provide you a natural and confident smile.

What is the “Teeth in a Day” solution?

We know you’re busy, so you don’t want to spend too much time in the dental clinic. That’s why we introduced our one-day dental care procedures. Some people don’t want to have an additional surgical procedure such a bilateral sinus lift (exposing the sinus to add extra bone), so we give you the option not to have that.


The Teeth in a Day procedure is also commonly known as Same Day Teeth procedure or again All-on-4 procedure. It consists of having 4 dental implants (sometimes it can be 5 implants, it all depends on your specific case) placed and an individual set of replacement teeth crafted and set on the same day.

Which dental procedures are included in the Teeth in a Day solution?


teeth-in-a-day-solutions-3Initially it is very important to plan the case from start to finish. We have to clinicians who will be involved in your case, Dr Bohara and Roddy Patterson.
We will take a 3D CT scan initially to provide us with following information

– quality and volume of bone
– locate nerves and blood vessels

This will allow us to produce a 3D guide to allow us to place the high quality dental implants with accuracy.
Before the surgery we produce a temporary fixed bridge which will be placed at the time of the surgery on the dental implants.


On the day of the surgery we place the dental implants and temporary bridge. We use the guide from our planning to put them into accurate positions. You will leave with fixed teeth!
This procedure can be done using normal local anaesthetic or IV sedation to put you in a very relaxed state. This is used especially for our very nervous patients.

Final Bridge

You will be wearing your fixed temporary bridge for 4-6 months before we make you a new bridge.


Is the Teeth in a Day solution expensive?

We offer several affordable payment plan options – just ask, and we’ll give you all the details! Or look at our fees page here

How do I get started with the “Teeth in a Day” solution?

Just call today using the numbers below for a free consultation and ask about our Teeth in a Day procedure.

We offer free consultations at our dental clinics in Nottingham, Leicester and loughborough. Please find the addresses and contact details here.

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