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Is Grinding Your Teeth Wearing You Down? Replacing Teeth

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Do you wake up with a headache? Do you clench your jaw?  It is surprising the number of people who do but remain unaware they are grinding their teeth and causing serious damage. Some people don’t even know they have worn down individual teeth until they visit their dentist and the severity of the problem is pointed out, or the tooth loss has become self-evident when they look in the mirror and see the damage they have done.  Don’t wear down your teeth or let your teeth wear you down. If you suffer from bruxism, visit the Same Day Teeth Suite.

Teeth grinding, technically known as bruxism, can remain unnoticed if you are clenching your teeth and grinding while you are asleep.  You might be aware you are not getting a good night’s right but remain unaware you are damaging your teeth as the gradually get worn down.

It is surprising the number of people who grind their teeth while they sleep.  Some people grind their teeth because they are anxious or depressed but the condition is further exacerbated through ageing, illness and stress.  Unless teeth grinding is prevented in the early stages, it can lead to pain and distress as the enamel on your teeth is slowly worn away and you stand a chance of losing your teeth.  If bruxism is diagnosed before you have done any serious damage, wearing a protective mouthguard at night can alleviate the problem. The mouthguard must be made to fit you personally by your dentist and not bought off the shelf.  Cognitive behaviour therapy, or yoga and deep breathing exercises to help you relax and reduce stress can be an alternative permanent solution to bruxism and an alternative to wearing a mouthguard but these methods are not a quick fix.  A lot depends on your commitment to solving the problem.

For some unfortunate patients, the problem of tooth grinding has gone on too long or has remained undiagnosed. So much damage has been done over time; they have suffered tooth loss.   It is imperative the lost teeth are replaced if you are not to suffer further serious dental problems.   If your situation has become extreme, the Same Day Teeth Suite won’t let the problem wear you down, causing more stress and anxiety,  but will fit replacement teeth to solve the problem.

Natural teeth can be replaced with dental implants, crowns, bridges or dentures.  Dental implants are fitted into your jaw bone with a titanium post replacing the root of the damaged tooth and a false tooth, skillfully matched to your existing teeth, fitted on the post.  The SameDay Teeth Suite oversees the design and manufacture of high-quality abutments and crowns from the best dental technicians for each patient. There are alternatives to dental implants including a bridge with a false tooth abutted between existing teeth and dentures, removable false teeth.  Your dentist will help you decide and have your replacement teeth made and fitted without causing further stress.

All’s not lost.  If you think you grind your teeth, or you need replacement teeth, make an appointment with the SameDay Teeth Suite HERE.

The Benefits of Wearing Dentures in Loughborough

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There are a number of reasons why an individual might consider having dentures fitted, either to replace a few missing teeth, as in a partial fitting, or to replace a whole upper or lower set of teeth. At the SameDay Teeth Suite in Loughborough we’ve seen the powerful impact that new dentures can have on someone’s self-esteem and confidence. It’s not just about having a better smile though, there are also health benefits to having dentures fitted rather than letting tooth loss go unchecked.

Can you tell the difference?

At the SameDay Teeth Suite we are used to patients telling us that they can’t see the difference between dentures and normal teeth. That’s because, whether it’s a partial fitting or a whole denture, we take time and use the best expertise to produce teeth that fit perfectly and look great. When our patients look in the mirror and smile, their confidence is immediately boosted. They also don’t have to worry that they’ve been given ill-fitting dentures that will cause sore spots or problems with eating.

“We are not happy until the dentures look or set naturally” says Dr Kalpesh Bohara, clinical director at the SameDay Teeth Suite. “We want to achieve a three-dimensional look, not a two-dimensional look. It is important to take the time to ‘blend’ in the dentures with the teeth. They’re not straight, they’re not just flat, they all are individual teeth.”

Loose Dentures

Many people suffer from loose dentures without realising that there is something they can do about it. Even if you have been seen by another dentist and have been silently suffering with ill-fitting dentures for a number of years, we can help. If your bone structure is still intact then we can suggest implants to give make your dentures fit more securely. Even if that’s not the case we can fit Swiss Dentures, which are designed to stabilise the lower teeth.

Dentures Can Be Comfortable

You don’t have to suffer from badly made and poorly fitted dentures. As Dr Bohara says:

“At the practice, we use several procedures to enable the denture to fit , but also be comfortable at the same time. If you’ve got a very accurately fitting denture, it is going to be comfortable. The way we make them, the teeth that we use, they’re made to look like natural teeth. People will not be able to tell the difference between somebody who’s got their own teeth and somebody who’s got a denture. They do look that natural.”

The days of having to suffer from poor fitting dentures, not to mention the damage they inflict on your mouth over time, have all but gone. A simple visit to a clinic such as the SameDay Teeth Suite in Loughborough can ensure that your new dentures are a much better, more natural fit, giving you comfort when you eat and confidence when you smile. Contact us today to find out more.