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Life and Love can begin again with New Fillings

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implant-denture-solutions-10You may have already decided to outsource your retirement to some exotic, far-off land, imagining a life of leisure.  You may invest in expensive face creams to give yourself a tonic and postpone wrinkles, or a new sports car to give yourself a pick-me-up, but nothing is as ageing as teeth with little black holes or unsightly amalgam fillings.  Same Day Teeth Suite can give your life a boost with new fillings and you can start looking forward to so many new beginnings. Life and love can begin again if your teeth are in good health and you can flaunt a beautiful smile.

Perhaps you have existing amalgam fillings you would like replaced, or have nagging pain that is so debilitating, and you suspect you need a new filling. Not all teeth can be restored or the holes filled, but your dentist will advise you as to the best course of treatment, what can be done to repair or restore your fillings and, alternatively, informing you if you need a different course of treatment such as a crown.  If there is evidence of a cracked filling, or if you have lost a filling, it is important to get to a dentist as soon as possible before bacteria can damage the nerve area, and you need more extensive and costly treatment.

If one, or more, of your teeth, has been damaged by tooth decay, and the decay has been removed by your dentist to ensure it is healthy, it has to be repaired.  Once upon a time, the only option was an amalgam filling that not only looks unattractive but does not protect the nerve of the tooth in the same way as modern fillings do.  All of us of certain age will have had our teeth filled with unsightly metal fillings that blacken over time. Amalgam can also cause a number of problems, including bad reactions from the mercury once contained in the mix.  These fillings can be removed and replaced unless they are very large and then it might be better to have the filling changed for an inlay. You will not only look better but feel healthier with new fillings.

Fillings can now be made of a white material that looks more natural with your healthy teeth and can make the repair look almost invisible, giving you a beautiful smile and restoring your confidence.  New fillings are now made of a material called gloss ionema, or a better quality composite material that is made of silica and acrylic with resins.

New fillings are a great investment primarily in your health, but also in your happiness, and self- esteem. Book a FREE consultation at Same Day Teeth Team and make a new start.

Success or Failure: How to Stop Implants Falling Out

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Having reached a stage in your life where through accident or ageing you have lost a tooth or a number of teeth you will be considering how to replace them and restore your smile and self-confidence.  Considering the alternatives, dentures, a bridge or dental implants, you may have decided upon implants but without the proper understanding of the procedure you risk complications and failure. The Same Day Teeth Suite wants all their patients to be well and happy with their dental implants for a long time. Only careful planning will lead to success.

It is very important for patients to understand that dental implant procedures are a medical procedure, and should be taken as seriously as any other surgical practice. Prior to surgery, the dentist must make a careful diagnosis and plan each case very thoroughly.  Such procedures are not a commodity and hours of planning are undertaken behind the scenes to ensure a successful outcome.

Not all patients are suitable candidates for dental implants. A  thorough examination is required with X-rays to determine the suitability of the patient. Only by the dentist carrying out a number of essential checks and satisfying themselves will your safety be ensured, will the risk of complications be decreased and the longevity of the implants increased.

The importance of using high quality, well fitting dental implants cannot be stressed enough.  The Same Day Teeth Suite commission only the best technicians using the finest materials to make their implants.  Not only does this allow the dentist to achieve the best result for the patient with natural looking, well-fitting dental implants but also extends the life of the implant.  If any of the components from the posts to the false teeth is skimped on with poor imitations, the patient must understand they are putting themselves at risk of complications and at risk of failure with the implants falling out.

The patient must play their part in the success of their dental implants by maintaining good oral hygiene.  Not only do you need to brush your teeth well twice a day and use mouthwash to keep your gums healthy but it is of paramount importance you pay regular visits to a qualified hygienist who can clean your teeth, gums and implants more thoroughly preventing disease and prolonging the life of your implants. If the implants are not well maintained, they will fail sooner.

Unfortunately, for these patients who came to see us having attended other dentists, their implants failed due to inadequate planning and poor hygiene.



New patient attended from another clinic had all implants fallen out after one year


New patient attended after having implants abroad( 1 year later) all implants failed due to inadequate planning.

It is very important for the patient to understand that implant dentistry is not an exact science. Complications can occur. Implants can fail, but by carrying out proper planning, proper execution, following maintenance protocols, the odds are in your favour and your implants will last a very long time.

For a free consultation to find out if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants, please contact The Same Day Teeth Suite HERE


2 Uplifting Denture Solutions

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Whether you need one tooth replaced, a few teeth or a full set there are several choices of dentures to suit your needs and desires. Whatever you select, they must fit, feel comfortable, perform well and look realistic. The Same Day Teeth Suite will talk you through your different options so you can make an informed decision.

So you have lost a tooth, or several teeth, through age, disease, decay or injury and not only does it look unsightly but your bite has been affected and without replacement teeth your jaw will eventually alter, causing your face to look sunken, your chin and nose too prominent, and, sadly, you can end up looking as if you would benefit from a facelift. Help is at hand. The result of this experience is you need to replace your missing teeth with a partial denture. Whether it is a front or back tooth, one, two or three, you can have a cobalt chrome denture or a clear plastic partial denture without looking or feeling as if you have prematurely aged.

The cobalt chrome denture is a fantastic solution. It has a metal framework which hooks onto specific teeth and increases the retention of the denture, making sure it stays in place. One of the biggest fears of all denture wearers is they will lose their teeth at an embarrassing moment and will suffer from the humiliation, becoming the butt of many jokes.

A second great feature of the cobalt chrome denture is it only partially covers the roof of your mouth. Made of lightweight materials, it does not feel awkward or alien in your mouth and does not affect speech or chewing. It can be used to replace front teeth, and some side teeth, provided the adjacent crucial teeth are healthy and strong and can withstand the clasps.

The second solution is a plastic partial denture, an acrylic denture. This denture can also replace one or several teeth. It is an excellent choice if you need to replace your back teeth or molars as it creates a suction effect to keep the denture securely in place.

The aesthetics of dentures are critical. Whether you are a candidate for cobalt chrome or clear plastic dentures, it is the teeth and gums which must be made well to replicate natural teeth and look entirely realistic with the rest of your teeth and your smile.

At the Same Day Teeth Suite we offer different levels of quality of cobalt chrome dentures and acrylic dentures which vary in design, quality of material and teeth. If you would like to discuss new dentures or consider replacing your old ones, contact The Same Day Teeth Suite for a personal consultation here.

The Truth About Tooth Loss Due to Gum Disease

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Gum disease or periodontal disease is a complicated and dangerous condition of the mouth that jeopardises your oral health and, of course, your beautiful smile. There are several periodontal diseases that range from simple gum inflammation to a more severe disease that involves significant damage to the bone and soft tissue that support the teeth. The worst-case scenario includes teeth loss.

Causes of Gum Disease

Our mouths have bacteria that along with other particles form a colourless and sticky plaque on the teeth that brushing and flossing can help remove. If you don’t get rid of the plaque every day, it can harden and form tartar. Unfortunately, brushing is no longer a sufficient means to remove tartar, and it requires the assistance of professional cleaning, either a hygienist or a dentist.


By allowing plaque and tartar to remain on the teeth for long, the bacteria inside the mouth cause gum inflammation. You see your gums become swollen and red, and they start bleeding more easily than before. This is called gingivitis, and the longer tartar and plaque are on the teeth, the more harmful it becomes. However, gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease and doesn’t involve bone and/or tissue loss that could put your teeth at risk. Gingivitis can be tackled by brushing and flossing on a daily basis. Plus, a dentist’s (or a dental hygienist’s) intervention to clean your teeth is also essential.


Untreated gingivitis advances to periodontitis. In periodontitis, the gums around the tooth are swollen and pull away from the teeth. As a result, pockets are formed (meaning spaces between the gums and the teeth) that also become infected because as the plaque spreads below the gum line,  the immune system tries to fight the bacteria. This natural response to the infection, combined with the bacterial toxins, begin to break down the connective tissue and the bone that hold the teeth in their place. If something radically is not done at this point, the teeth become loose since the tissue and gums that support them are destroyed. In this case, the teeth will have to be removed.

Risk Factors:

  1. Smoking

    It is perhaps the most critical factors that contribute to developing gum disease. Smoking, be it cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, can also reduce the chances for a successful treatment significantly.

  2. Diabetes

    People with diabetes are at high risk of developing gum disease and other infections.

  3. Hormonal Changes

    These concern women and make gums more sensitive, hence, more susceptible to gingivitis.

  4. Other illnesses-

    AIDS and cancer treatments can also affect the health of the gums.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

  1. Persistent Bad Breath
  2. Gums that are tender/bleeding/ swollen/red
  3. Loose/sensitive teeth
  4. Painful Chewing
  5. Receding Gums
  6. Teeth that appear longer

Any of these symptoms can be a sign of a critical problem that should be checked by a dentist, so if you identify any of these in you, you are strongly recommended to book your FREE consultation NOW and have your mouth checked in full detail.


How is Gum Disease Treated

The sooner you control the infection, the better. The nature of the treatment will depend on the extent of the disease. Please note that all types of treatments require a good daily care at home, too.  Needless to say, quitting smoking is a huge must-do, in order to enhance the treatment outcome.

Also, you will have to undergo a deep-cleaning, called root planing and scaling, to remove the tartar and get rid of the accumulated bacteria. In some cases, your hygienist or dentist may have to use a laser to remove the tartar and plaque. This method has considerably less discomfort, swelling, and bleeding, compared to other traditional deep cleaning methods. Of course, more severe cases will have to be treated via surgery.

Avoid unnecessary surgical treatments and save yourself both the money from costly procedures and distress. Contact us now at Same Day Teeth Suite and let us assess and evaluate your case and guide you through keeping your oral health and beautiful smile for many more years to come!

10 Brave Ways to Care for your Teeth

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You might think you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, you know your teeth are deteriorating, but on the other you are terrified of the dentist. You hide your smile from colleagues, friends and family, and the condition of your teeth might be making you depressed. You might be totally aware, unless you receive treatment, you could have decay, a painful infection or worse still, lose a tooth. However brave you might try to be, you still can’t pluck up the courage to make it over the threshold of the clinic and have a confident smile to face the world. You are not alone with your fears. Help is at hand with the Same Day Teeth Suite.  

1# Trust

The first thing you need to know is all our dentists are friendly and reassuring.  They will not rush you into making any decisions for treatment. With a dentist you can trust, you can start to let go of your fear.

2# Modern Clinic

Our clinics are peaceful, relaxing places, far removed from the medical surgeries of yesteryear.

3# Dental Phobia

Most importantly, our dentists are trained in sedation dentistry, understand all aspects of dental phobia; the fear of white coats, the fear of needles, the fear of the drill, claustrophobia and loss of control.  Whatever your particular anxiety, they can help.

4# Get to know us

To begin combating your nightmare, and start caring for your teeth, make an appointment to meet and get to know your dentist and come in for a friendly chat.

5# Let us take a look

Make an appointment for a diagnosis. At least you will know how much or how little work needs to be done. Nobody will hurry you into treatment. Take your time and schedule a date when you are ready.

6# You’re Not Alone

Perhaps you are more comfortable with a partner or friend to accompany you. By all means, bring along a trusted friend or relation.

7# The ‘Magic’ Wand

If you need a filling and are frightened of having an anaesthetic in the traditional way, with an injection and needle, we have a great alternative; the Wand.  A clever device, the Wand is a computerised needle-free method of delivering anaesthetic so you won’t feel a thing.

8# IV Sedation

You can have IV sedation to prevent you from feeling anything during any aspect of treatment. All you have to do is drift away into a dream-like state. You might be missing a tooth and need an implant, or you might need more extensive restoration. Everything is now possible with a trusted dentist by your side.

9# Deep Sedation with An Anaesthetist

And for more complex treatments, you can have a deeper for IV sedation administered by an Anaesthetist.

10# Confidence

Our dentists take dental phobia very seriously.  No matter how trivial or how serious you might consider your anxiety, we can assist. We know it is a brave step for you to seek our help.

Are you worried about your teeth but too scared to see the dentist? We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and we will answer any concerns you have.

Why is Dental Implant Treatment So Expensive?

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Patients often ask the question ‘Why is the cost of Dental Implants generally so steep?’

A valid query indeed, it can be hard to validate such a significant amount of money on what seems to be a small sized mouthpiece. From planning the placement to abutments and crowns, single tooth dental implant treatments can be expensive. When browsing for the best price it’s easy to overlook the details and ignore the nature of the overall procedure. What we always try to relay to patients is that the price you pay is not only for the product but also an intricate service.

Placing dental implants is both an art and a science. The process is a delicate operation that involves a medical device being implanted into living tissue. This living tissue is home to nerves, blood vessels and sinuses, which will need to be treated with the utmost care and require careful attention. A well-positioned dental implant has the potential to last for an extensive period of your life, leaving you problem free. Unfortunately, if the implant is poorly placed this can lead to several serious complications and be a nightmare to fix. The oral cavity is a small surgical environment and can be as little as two millimetres; so even the slightest error can be the difference between success and failure.

In order to avoid unnecessary damage to your gums and wallet, it’s best to find an experienced implant surgeon as evidence suggests that sufficient experience affects your chances of a successful treatment. While there are no surgeons who specialise in dental implant like you have with orthodontists, it is important you look into your chosen surgeon’s background and patient testimonials.

Choosing the right surgeon is one step but there are a number of complex factors involved that can affect the end result and longevity of your implant, which is why a thorough assessment beforehand is crucial.

Some basic checks are:

  •      Gum health
  •      Bone quantity and quality
  •      Force of bite
  •      Medical history
  •      History of smoking
  •      Gum type
  •      General condition of the mouth

Maintenance is the final element of dental implants as any problems that may arise can be spotted early with regular checkups. Aftercare with a knowledgeable hygienist and dentist will help maintain your implant and ensure a painless and smooth result. Of course every case is unique and it may be that dental implants for missing teeth may not be the only fix, therefore a full mouth evaluation can help break down all your options.

Watch this video to hear about the experience of this gentleman who explains his journey of getting a dental implant at the SameDay Teeth Suite in the East Midlands. He previously had teeth messed by another dentist and now feels really happy.

At The Same Day Teeth Suite, we offer a free initial consultation to all patients.

If price is a worry, we can help.  You may wish to divide the cost with one of our simple price plans of your choosing that range over 1-5 years.

Every case is different so why not book your visit today and see how we can help keep those teeth trouble free and smiling bright.

What is the step by step procedure for dental implants?

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Although dental care has significant improvements to demonstrate the last couple of years, a great number of British suffer tooth loss, for various reasons, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and injury. Until a few years ago, the available options to treat tooth loss included dentures and bridges. Today, having dental implants is also an effective method available. But what exactly are dental implants? In short, they replace the tooth’s root and provide a firm basis for removable or permanent (fixed) replacement teeth, which are carefully made, so they match your natural teeth.

With dental implants, you can achieve an improved appearance and speech, greater comfort, easier eating, boosted self-esteem, enhanced oral health, and ensured durability, among others. With success rates that reach up to 98% and proper care, they can last forever!

That being said; you need a reliable professional to take on your dental implant procedure. Someone with experience and great reviews. You need SameDay Teeth Suite. Our multi-awarded experts have been helping patients in Loughborough, Nottingham, Leicester and surrounded areas, with their dental issue for much too long.

So, if you are considering dental implants, Same Day Teeth Suite offers you a FREE guide to missing teeth that will help you familiarize yourself with your dental condition and available options. After that, here are the steps that will take you straight to a bright smile and all the benefits mentioned above!

  1. Get your FREE Fixed Teeth Consultation

    In our Contact US page, you can find an available option that will become your bridge with our experts. You can leave your message and expect a reply very soon with the first evaluation of your case and suggested treatments.

  2. Get your 3D Assessment & Read the Result Agreement

    That way, you will always know what to expect from your dental procedure.

  3. Get a Bite Assessment & Measurement

    In order to achieve the best of results, we need to have your exact measurements and assess how your jaw closes when you bite, so you get a splendid natural feel and outcome!

  4. Plan your Implant Placement

    at this phase, we discuss the most convenient times and start the foundation dental health procedures.

  5. Implant placement appointment & Provisional Teeth Insertion

    The plan to restore your lost self-confidence and smile has just begun! We insert provisional teeth, before the final product.

  6. Review & Implant Integration

    The dental surgeon will place your implants for their successful integration, and allow your gums to heal for a while, before proceeding to the next step.

  7. Measurements & New Teeth Blueprint

    During this step, the dental expert assigned to your case, will scan your jaw and create a perfect-fit blueprint of your new teeth.

  8. Final Teeth Fit & Satisfaction Review

    The final restorative phase and the fabrication and placement of the prosthetic teeth (or crown) to the implants begin.

Don’t let life and the wonderful moments it has in stock for you pass you by!  Allow Same Day Teeth Suite to restore your facial beauty and bring back the bright, wide smile, you once had, with dental implants. Call us now, wherever you are, and turn a new page, now!


5 Wise Reasons To Delay Implants When Pregnant

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Pregnancy can be a time of joy, a time when you blossom and look your best.  Alternatively, it can put your body under great stress.  You may find your pregnancy has caused unexpected dental problems and you may have lost a tooth.  You want to fill the gap and restore your teeth and you don’t want to delay.

That is perfectly understandable but the Same Day Teeth Suite issues a word of caution. Wait until your baby is born and they will happily help you with your dental implants and give you even more to smile about.

1. Increased risk of complications

Pregnancy is not an absolute contraindication, not a no-no, against having dental implants but as this is a surgical procedure, it is best not to put your baby at risk unless there is an urgent medical need. A dental implant is a tiny titanium post surgically inserted into the jaw bone to hold the artificial tooth.  The jaw bone needs time to heal and fuse before the artificial tooth is fitted.  Any surgery during pregnancy is fraught with complications and is best avoided if you have a choice.

2. Best to avoid X-Ray radiation exposure

Before going ahead with the surgical procedure, you will need x-rays to determine the exact position of an implant.  Although dental x-rays are safe for pregnant women during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, there are risks associated with the exposure of an unborn child to the small amount of radiation used in radiology. Even though a dental diagnostic x-ray focuses on the mouth area only, many choose to avoid x-rays altogether while pregnant just to be safe.

3. Avoid anaesthesia

Although studies show that dental treatment with local anaesthetics is safe during pregnancy, it is advisable to steer clear of sedation or general anaesthesia that renders you unconscious during these nine months. Anaesthetics are powerful drugs which you need to avoid, so they don’t potentially cause harm to your unborn child.

4. Reduce stress

High anxiety levels in an expectant mother can affect the development of a baby. An elective surgery is likely to induce unnecessary worry during an already stressful time. Your hormones, at this time, can cause mood swings and depression which are out of your control.  Relax and concentrate on your new baby, don’t add to your concerns and you will be ready for your implant after the birth.

5. Implants are best placed after you baby is born

Once your baby is born, you can visit the dentist for your dental implant as soon as you are ready.  If you are healthy and happy, there is no reason to delay.  If you are breastfeeding, your dentist will advise you on the best solution.  After surgery and the healing period, your artificial tooth will be made by our skilled technicians with the aid of modern technology.  The colour, shape and size as well as the function of your new tooth will be a great replacement and will soon restore your confidence. With baby’s first smile, you will be smiling too

For further advice on caring for your teeth during pregnancy, contact us below by leaving a comment and we will answer any questions you may have.

8 Essential Questions to Ask before Choosing Dental Bridges

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Without knowing what questions to ask, you might not know what options there are to replace a missing tooth. Unless you are equipped with some basic dental knowledge, you might think that your only option is a denture.  The Same Day Teeth Suite will help by filling the gaps in your knowledge about dental bridges and the gaps in your teeth by giving you a better smile to be proud of.

The 8 key questions?

  1. What is a bridge?

    A bridge fills the gap left by a missing tooth.  It is attached to one or more teeth either side of the space left by a missing tooth. The anchoring teeth are called “abutment teeth” and may need to be prepared by cutting them down or can be left as they are before a bridge is fitted. A bridge is made up of one or more crowns, or artificial teeth that are joined together.

  2. How does my dentist decide which option is best for me?

    When deciding how to fill the space left by a missing tooth or teeth,  we need to take into account many factors including the following:

    • The location of the space.
    • The size of the space – the bigger the gap, the more teeth will be needed to be carried by a bridge (implants or dentures are usually advised in larger spaces).
    • The general condition of your teeth including those next to the space.
    • Your own concerns and desires
  3. What tests will my dentist carry out?

    Your dentist will thoroughly examine the condition of your teeth and gums. X-Rays will be taken of the teeth surrounding the space to ascertain if the bone and gum support is healthy.  Each case is unique and needs to be assessed accordingly. For example, if you have only one tooth missing, and the teeth either side are healthy, it is not advised to cut down the healthy teeth to make room for a bridge. In this case, a dental implant would be the gold standard treatment.

  4. What types of bridges are there?

    Bridge options include:

    • Conventional bridges which can involve tooth preparation and reduction of the teeth either side of the space. If a bridge is well looked after, it can last approximately ten years.
    • Maryland/resin bonded bridges involve no preparation of the neighbouring teeth and consequently pose no risk to the adjacent teeth. A metal or ceramic wing, carrying the false tooth, is permanently cemented to the teeth next to the gap. It is a great option for maintaining healthy teeth whereas a conventional bridge poses greater risks to the tooth.
    • Implant retained bridge – a dental implant placed into your jaw holds the bridge securely in place and is the closest solution to natural teeth.
  5. How do I care for a bridge?

    Whatever type of bridge you have, it is essential you follow a good oral hygiene routine and clean around your bridge by brushing and flossing.  You will need to keep regular appointments with your dentist and hygienist. If the bridge is not kept clean, gum disease and decay could develop around the tooth carrying the bridge and eventually failure of the bridge.

  6. How do I get a bridge?

    The first step is a thorough examination and consultation. We discuss the options for your mouth and pros of cons of each solution before deciding together on how to best replace the missing teeth. Once this has been decided, the skilled technicians at our laboratory will carefully hand-craft your bridge to perfectly match your existing teeth.

  7. What alternatives are there?

    Your alternatives to a bridge include:

    • Implants, the gold standard for replacing a missing tooth. A dental implant is a small titanium post surgically implanted into your jaw bone to hold a replacement tooth. The benefit of using implants is that they don’t rely on neighbouring teeth for support, and they are permanent and stable.
    • Denture or partial denture which consists of a removable frame or plate with an artificial tooth or teeth.
  8. How much does a dental bridge cost?

    The cost varies depending on what type of dental bridge you have. We first invite you in for a free consultation so we can assess the best bridge solution for you and work on finding payment solution to help you.

Anything we haven’t covered on bridges? Post your comment below and we’ll make sure to answer.

How to fix a fractured tooth with Dental Implants in Loughborough

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Many patients at some time in their lives fracture one or more of their teeth in an accident.  It is an unfortunate state of affairs which can not only look unsightly, spoiling your smile, but can cause problems in the future to the health of the adjacent teeth. To repair the damage you can have a denture, bridge, or a dental implant.  You might decide to do nothing at all but this would be unwise. The SameDay Teeth Suite in Loughborough can help you understand your options and make a decision, as we did for this patient with a broken tooth.

A Patients’s Casestudy

This patient attended the clinic for a detailed consultation.  A CT scan was required, as a conventional x-ray was not sufficient.  We use the CT scan to produce a three-dimensional image of the teeth, soft tissue, nerves and bones in a single scan.  From this three-dimensional model, we can see exactly where to place the implant, avoiding structures and assessing the health and quality of the gum tissue before considering a dental implant,  making surgery predictable and safe.  

There are various factors which have to be investigated before a dental implant is placed. An implant is a tiny titanium post inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of the fractured tooth. A crown or cap, made to resemble a natural tooth both in appearance and function, is screwed or bonded onto the implant.  If the protocol is not followed when considering a dental implant, disasters can happen in the future.  

Dental Implants

The patient was found to be a suitable candidate for a dental implant.  She attended for surgery and the implant was accurately inserted into the jaw in exactly the right position for the new crown.  If this is not achieved correctly, the result could be jeopardised by a poor aesthetic effect and an unattractive smile.

In this case, it was prudent for the patient to wait for the implant to heal before the crown was fixed to the implant.  With some patients we can place the implant and affix the crown immediately but, as each case is individual, not everybody will be able to go home the same day with their new crown. It is more important to allow the bone to heal so it is strong enough to take the force of your bite.

Two months later the patient’s implant was checked to see if the implant had integrated with the bone.  The implant was successful and we took the impressions for the crown. The impressions were then sent to our skilled technicians in the laboratory to make the crown. The impressions were then scanned into their software and, after a consultation with the patient for a detailed colour mapping, the tooth was made to fit accurately in size, shape and colour.  The crown not only fitted perfectly, looked good but functioned as well as the natural tooth.

The patient was delighted.

Implants  implants  implants

If you need a fractured tooth repaired, contact the SameDay Teeth Suite in Loughborough for a consultation.