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Why are dental implants better than my denture?

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A few years ago, most people would have dentures replacing their missing teeth. Nowadays, there is a far more advanced, effective and appealing way to do that. Dental implants are the next best thing in dentistry for those missing teeth and here is why.

Reason #1: They are Permanent

First and foremost, dental implants are a permanent fix. This means that you no longer have to worry about having a denture that becomes unstable and loose over time. Imagine all the embarrassing moments you can escape with dental implants! Let’s face it. Dentures are removable and with removable comes wear and tear, and everything that comes along. It makes sense. Can you compare the stability of a fixed option with an alternative that you take in and out your mouth many times within a day?

Reason #2: They Look Natural

With dental implants, you get a natural look. It is as if you have real teeth, and nobody will even suspect you are wearing artificial teeth. With dentures, everybody can tell that the wearer is not having their own teeth. And, why should they know if you can go unnoticed?

Truth been told, the actual implant itself is not the part that looks like a tooth, rather than a small titanium surgical crew that creates the medium with the jaw (for lower teeth) and the skull (for upper teeth). The implants support the new teeth (prosthetic part), which is what looks like a tooth. Advanced dentistry at its best!

Reason #3: They are more Comfortable

If you could avoid dealing with the constant hassle of taking your teeth in and out of your mouth, would you not fall head over heels for it? This is what dental implants offer you: complete freedom to do as you please in your everyday life, and peace of mind; no worries about removing your teeth when you have to eat, or any other reason. Plus, you don’t experience the speech difficulties you have with dentures. With dental implants, all words come out loud and clear!

Reason #4: They are Better for your Bones

Your jawbone is used to supporting teeth. That’s part of its role, actually.  When you lose teeth, the jawbone begins to shrink. With removable dentures, you are only covering the problem. The jaw bone will still continue to shrink, changing your facial structure and causing various problems. The result? You end up with an aged, sunken appearance.

Dental implants, on the other hand, actually stimulate the jawbone so that you can maintain a strong and youthful profile. Think about it for a second. Doesn’t your current denture feel bulky and unnatural? This is your body telling you that your mouth wasn’t designed to accommodate false teeth.

Dental Implants or Dental Bridges?

Naturally, you might be wondering which one is better to use. Again, dental implants aren’t only better than false teeth; they also offer huge advantages over dental bridges, too. Bridges require one of the neighbouring natural teeth to be filled down to pegs. This process can easily cause damage to your remaining, healthy, natural teeth. Unlike bridges, the process of placing dental implants doesn’t put the health of your natural teeth at any risk.

If you are missing teeth, replace them the correct way so that you maintain your oral health. To know more about dental implants, or get your queries answered, book your first FREE consultation at SameDay Teeth Suite or get your FREE Missing Teeth Guide here!

The Ultimate Nottingham’s Same Day Teeth Open Day Is Back!

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An Open Day for Those That Want To Learn How To Replace Their  Missing, Loose Or Unhealthy Teeth!

A must for your calendar. SameDay Teeth Suite is holding an open day and you’re invited. It is going to be the event of the year for those that want to learn how to replace their  missing, loose or unhealthy teeth!

Seeking out professional dental help can often be a costly experience. With a number of practices offering a range of different treatments, finding a plan that suits you in both cost and convenience can be a difficult one, but here at the SameDay Teeth Suite we believe in making life as easy as possible for our potential patients.

At our upcoming Open Day, our staff are on hand to talk you through the details of each procedure and offer you discounts of up to £660 on life changing treatments. It is an offer not to be missed.

A smile is the best accessory you can wear in life and it’s important to have the confidence to show it. We are inviting everyone to come see for themselves just how effective our work can be, and how comfortable we are able to make things for everyone involved. This discount is a one-time only offer, so don’t miss out on taking that all-important first step towards a happier, healthier you.

What is offered:

√ FREE assessment (worth £120)

√ FREE initial x-rays (worth £40)

√ £500 off Teeth in a Day

√ Or £250 off implants & dentures

* Monthly payment plans available


We have a range of options to choose from that we will adjust to suit each individual:

  1. Teeth in a Day

    – Also known as the Same Day Teeth procedure or the All-on-4 procedure

    Depending on the specifics of your case, the Teeth in a Day procedure consists of 4-5 dental implants and an individual set of replacement teeth crafted and set on the same day. These will last between 4 and 6 months while we make the permanent structures, resulting in a strong and natural look that allows you to eat and smile with confidence again.

  2. Dental Implants

    Crafted with titanium, dental implants are designed to replace the roots of your teeth. The implant itself is carefully placed into your bone socket, exactly where your missing tooth would stand, with the crown then used as a cap to ensure a natural-looking finish. At the Same Day Teeth Suite, we offer both economy and deluxe implants in order to suit your budget perfectly.

  3. Dentures

    Made from acrylic resin with durable metal attachments, dentures are removable replacement teeth that can be used on a variety of different cases. We offer them in two ranges; a complete denture, replacing all of your teeth, or a partial denture that is used when some of your natural teeth are still healthy and intact. There are various levels of quality to suit your price range, but all are of a high professional standard to ensure that sore spots and poor cosmetics are a thing of the past.

How can I sign up?

Really easy. You enter your name and email here, and you will receive your FREE Missing Teeth Guide. Don’t wait, because the Open Day (Saturday 12th September  from 10am-3pm) will be fully booked soon. Having a smile that suits you shouldn’t be a dream you fail to realise, so don’t miss out on these unbeatable offers available on a one-time-only basis from our team here at the SameDay Teeth Suite.

Watch this patient describing her journey after having dental implants placed at SameDay Teeth Suite in this video: