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Reasons for Dental Implant Failure

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Dental implants have a success rate that exceeds 95%. However, as with any other medical procedure, caution should be taken as there are also risks involved that can lead to complications ranging from something simple and up to the total failure of the treatment. You see, dental implants are designed to be the next best thing regarding tooth replacement. Indeed, they are popular alternatives to fixed bridges and dentures because they are permanent. Plus, they are more aesthetically pleasing and functional, given that they anchor artificial teeth directly into the jawbone.

Despite the remarkable track record of successful dental implant procedures thus far, there are cases where patients experience complications, and following is a list of the most common reasons and causes behind implant failure that you should know of.

  1. Implant Fell Out

    The majority of problems are usually minor and easily solved, providing you have a fast response and seek professional help. That aside, there are instances when the jaw bone does not fuse together with the implant as supposed over the course of several months after the placement of the implant. This could be attributed to incorrect positioning, overloading, insufficient bone volume or density, damage to surrounding tissues, and others, some of which are described below.

  2. Infection

    Gum disease or an infection can take place when bacteria are present either postoperatively or during the oral surgery with lack of proper hygiene. It could also be attributed to the dental cement that is used to seal the crowns placed on top of the implant. If it escapes and gets in the gums, it can lead to gum and/or bone inflammation surrounding the implant. Another periodontal disease called peri-implantitis can also cause implant failure, and it could take even months after the surgery to occur. Finally, people with systemic diseases, such as diabetes (especially uncontrolled), as well as smokers, are at greater risk of developing the infection and severely jeopardise the success rate of an implant.

  3. Overloading

    When placing an implant, it is paramount to load it in two stages, not immediately. The first phase is when the implant is placed and is allowed time to integrate with the bone. The second and final phase involves the placement of the components that protrude above the gums. That way, the patient has a quicker recovery and, undoubtedly, shorter treatment times. When performing immediate loading (overloading), meaning placing both the crown and the abutment on the implant immediately after it’s been surgically inserted, the implant integration process is incomplete and leads to complications, including implant failure. The pressure applied to the protruding crown and/or abutment are just too much to bear.

Other Reasons for Dental Implant Failure:

  • Inappropriate design of the crown, bridge, or denture that goes on top of the implant.
  • Insufficient bone quantity & quality in the jaw, especially the upper back.
  • Rejection of the implant by the body that sees it as a foreign object (similar to organ transplants).

Important Note: To avoid most of these issues, it is critical to maintain a good oral hygiene with regular brushing and flossing and, of course, see a hygienist every 3-6 months. Needless to say, early detection is always the key to any solution.

What we always remind our patients at SameDay Teeth Suite is that dental implants don’t last a lifetime, but if all the procedures are done correctly, they can last a very long time indeed.

Are dental implants the best option for your case? Need more information on dental implants or have worries about related to implant failure? Don’t hesitate to book your first complimentary consultation and save yourself from unnecessary trouble and discomfort.

What is the step by step procedure for dental implants?

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Although dental care has significant improvements to demonstrate the last couple of years, a great number of British suffer tooth loss, for various reasons, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and injury. Until a few years ago, the available options to treat tooth loss included dentures and bridges. Today, having dental implants is also an effective method available. But what exactly are dental implants? In short, they replace the tooth’s root and provide a firm basis for removable or permanent (fixed) replacement teeth, which are carefully made, so they match your natural teeth.

With dental implants, you can achieve an improved appearance and speech, greater comfort, easier eating, boosted self-esteem, enhanced oral health, and ensured durability, among others. With success rates that reach up to 98% and proper care, they can last forever!

That being said; you need a reliable professional to take on your dental implant procedure. Someone with experience and great reviews. You need SameDay Teeth Suite. Our multi-awarded experts have been helping patients in Loughborough, Nottingham, Leicester and surrounded areas, with their dental issue for much too long.

So, if you are considering dental implants, Same Day Teeth Suite offers you a FREE guide to missing teeth that will help you familiarize yourself with your dental condition and available options. After that, here are the steps that will take you straight to a bright smile and all the benefits mentioned above!

  1. Get your FREE Fixed Teeth Consultation

    In our Contact US page, you can find an available option that will become your bridge with our experts. You can leave your message and expect a reply very soon with the first evaluation of your case and suggested treatments.

  2. Get your 3D Assessment & Read the Result Agreement

    That way, you will always know what to expect from your dental procedure.

  3. Get a Bite Assessment & Measurement

    In order to achieve the best of results, we need to have your exact measurements and assess how your jaw closes when you bite, so you get a splendid natural feel and outcome!

  4. Plan your Implant Placement

    at this phase, we discuss the most convenient times and start the foundation dental health procedures.

  5. Implant placement appointment & Provisional Teeth Insertion

    The plan to restore your lost self-confidence and smile has just begun! We insert provisional teeth, before the final product.

  6. Review & Implant Integration

    The dental surgeon will place your implants for their successful integration, and allow your gums to heal for a while, before proceeding to the next step.

  7. Measurements & New Teeth Blueprint

    During this step, the dental expert assigned to your case, will scan your jaw and create a perfect-fit blueprint of your new teeth.

  8. Final Teeth Fit & Satisfaction Review

    The final restorative phase and the fabrication and placement of the prosthetic teeth (or crown) to the implants begin.

Don’t let life and the wonderful moments it has in stock for you pass you by!  Allow Same Day Teeth Suite to restore your facial beauty and bring back the bright, wide smile, you once had, with dental implants. Call us now, wherever you are, and turn a new page, now!


How to Deal with Loose Dentures in Nottingham: A Case Study

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Many patients come to our clinic after having issues with their dentures. Unquestionably, if your denture doesn’t fit properly, it will most likely begin to dislodge and move around, making you feel very uncomfortable when speaking or eating.

The picture below shows the case of a patient who presented to us in a situation where she was particularly unhappy with her dentures, both in terms of functionality and cosmetics. She was frustrated by not being able to eat what she wanted, due to her dentures either moving or falling down.

Photo 1: The patient had most of her lower teeth missing, which made it difficult to support a denture.


After assessing her case, we suggested two solutions:

  1. A better denture, meaning a BPS Denture (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) or Swiss Denture, both top of the range precision dentures of outstanding quality that provide complete functionality while speaking, eating or laughing.
  1. An Implant Retained Denture (IRD), which meets the highest requirements of patients and dentists alike. IRDs are a cost-effective way to replace missing teeth, compared with BPS and Swiss Dentures, using implants to hold the dentures securely in place, providing a considerable improvement on conventional removable dentures. In addition, they help maintain the facial structure of the patient as they preserve the remaining jaw bone and restore lost lip support, which also minimises the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth.

We decided that the second solution would best meet the patient’s need for a firm denture that wouldn’t move while also not covering the palate, so that she could feel almost like she had her real teeth back!

So, after going through various planning stages, such as a CT scan, we placed five implants in the upper jaw and let the mouth heal for 3 months (see photo 2). In the meantime, the patient wore temporary dentures.

Photo 2: Five implants placed in the patient’s upper jaw.



After the healing period, we made a constructed bar with the locators shown in Photo 3 (pole stands), on both her upper and lower jaw, which allowed the denture to be accurately positioned and secured, so that it would not move around when the patient was chewing, speaking or laughing.

Note: Throughout the process, the patient always had a say regarding the selection of the teeth used to make her denture, to ensure the final outcome would tick all of her boxes.

Photo 3: Constructed Bar with Locator Attachments



The patient was ecstatic with the result, for obvious reasons. Her dentures also look excellent from a cosmetic point of view (see photo 5).  Now, it is highly unlikely that anyone could spot that she wears dentures and she can eat whatever she wants, from apples to sticky foods, without a second thought.

 Photo 4: This is how the patient’s mouth looks from the inside after the completion of the treatment.


Photo 5: The patient with her new implant retained denture.


To find out more about this life-changing transformation, which can markedly improve your ability to chew with a minimal treatment period, and let you say goodbye to those embarrassing moments caused by falling down or loose dentures, contact us here

To have your mouth fully assessed and find out if you are a good fit for implant dentures, book your first FREE consultation HERE.

Feel free, secure, comfortable and ready to smile with confidence again. Now, nothing is standing in your way!


5 Steps to Dental Implants and a Brand New Smile in Leicester

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There are a few things that can make you self-conscious or spoil your smile. Missing teeth or having noticeable gaps between your teeth can not only change the way you look but how you feel about yourself. If you live in Leicester, the way to a brand new smile is with the Same Day Teeth Suite who provide a wide variety of dental treatments that can solve almost all your problems.

For missing teeth, by far the most popular option is to choose a dental implant, something that appears as close to your real tooth as possible and is very natural looking.

And if you live in Leicester you’re just 5 steps away from the perfect smile.

    1. The first step is to get your free guide from the Same Day Teeth Suite. It will tell you everything you need to know about how to restore your smile and how we have helped others do just that in the past.
    2. The second step is to book a free consultation. You can come to the Same Day Teeth Suite for an initial appointment and we will talk you through the benefits of dental implant treatment and all the things you need to consider. There are lots of reasons to have dental implants, from restoring missing teeth/gaps, improving chewing, replacing badly fitting dentures and failed bridges, to preventing bone loss in the jaw. At the consultation we will take x-rays if necessary, impressions and other information we need to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
    3. The third step is to go through your finance options. You can choose one of our finance plans which can continue up to 5 years and comes with an initial 12 months interest free credit.
    4. The fourth step is to actually have one of the treatments undertaken. At the Same Day Teeth Suite in Leicester we offer:
      • Standard implants – an artificial tooth that is placed in your jaw to hold a tooth or bridge. Implants are designed to provide a very strong base for permanent teeth.
      • Mini dental implants – these are a great alternative to a traditional dental implant and are ideal for replacing small teeth and incisors. They can also be used to stabilize a denture and cost less because of their size and ease in implanting.
      • All on 4 Implant System – compared to much more invasive traditional implants, the All on 4 System uses just four implants, strategically placed to support and hold a full arch prosthesis or hybrid bridge.
    5. The final step of the Same Day Teeth Suite experience is perhaps the most important. You need to go out and show off your fabulous new smile. You’ll be more comfortable and have greater confidence when speaking, smiling, and eating.

If you are planning to replace your existing dentures or partials with implant-supported teeth then choosing the Same Day Teeth Suite could make all the difference. If you are ready to transform your smile then contact our friendly team in Leicester today.


Is the Teeth in a Day Procedure Painful in Loughborough?

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If you are looking for one of the most advanced restorative options for teeth available today, then you might like to consider the Teeth in a Day system. It’s also known as All on 4 Implant or Same Day Teeth and it’s a pain free and effective way to restore your bright smile.

The Teeth in a Day System allows a full arch of teeth to be replaced using only 4 or 5 dental implants. In conventional denture replacement you normally need around 6 to 8 implants and many people shy away from this because they are afraid of the pain it may cause. Implants are used to provide a supporting base for a hybrid bridge that can bring about a dramatic transformation in a person’s smile.

The All on 4 Implant procedure is considered a cheaper and more efficient way to better teeth than the traditional dental implant which often requires processes such as bone grafting and requires multiple appointments.

We’ve been using this new process at the Same Day Teeth Suite in Loughborough for a while and it is proving popular for those looking to restore their smiles in a more cost effective and pain-free way.

The Teeth in a Day System requires only 4 implants to support a full set of dentures and it does this by using extreme precision and strategic placement. Because the implants are in exactly the right place, they can provide greater support and maximum stability and offer an excellent alternative to other processes such as root-form and plate-form dental implants.

The other great thing is that they can be completed in just a single day.

One of the things that people worry about, and something that often puts them off, is how much pain having implants is going to cause. Fortunately, the All on 4 Implant procedure is conducted under IV sedation administered by a qualified oral surgeon.

At the Same Day Teeth Suite in Loughborough intravenous or IV sedation involves anti-anxiety medications being delivered to the bloodstream during the dental procedure. It’s often chosen by those who are anxious or fearful about undergoing dental reconstruction and it is both effective and highly reliable. IV sedation is extremely safe at the Same Day Teeth Suite because it is carried out by a specially trained dentist.

We fully understand how frightening a trip to the dentist can seem and especially for this type of restorative procedure that requires a long appointment. We have gained national reputation for treating nervous patients and our Teeth in a Day dentist, Dr Kalpesh Bohara is a phobia certified dentist.

That’s why we promise a relaxing and no pain solution to your dental reconstruction; at the end of which you will have beautifully permanent fixed and natural looking teeth. If you have any questions or want to book your initial free consultation at our Loughborough clinic, then contact our friendly team today.

Will My Teeth Look Natural With Dental Implants

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There is no doubt that dental implants can make a big difference to your appearance. The most common question we get asked at the Same Day Teeth Suite is whether it will look completely natural. Even small changes to your mouth and teeth can alter your appearance, having a knock on effect on your self-confidence.

If you are having dental implants you will want to be sure that you are comfortable with your new look – you’ll be able to eat practically anything and have the confidence to smile and laugh without worrying about the state of your teeth. We are confident that the appearance of your new dental implants will surpass all your expectations.

How Dental Implants Work

The implant system itself begins under the gum line, in the bone tissue of the jaw. Titanium metal implants have osseophilic properties and fuse with the living bone to provide a secure anchor for the visible part which is called the crown.

Implant crowns are fitted onto the metal base and are made of high-grade acrylic resin or dental porcelain. They are your new teeth and form the major part of your bright new smile. They are attached to the solid implants in your jaw to form a permanent bond.

The advantage over something like dentures is that dental implants perform more like natural teeth – you can eat what you want and speak and smile with supreme confidence. And because they are attached straight to the gum line, they look more like real teeth.

The important part in getting a natural look is choosing the right colour and shape for your crown. If you are just replacing a few missing teeth then our professional orthodontists will help match the best colour and size to complement your existing teeth. Often it’s the case that you may want to whiten your existing teeth prior to implant surgery (porcelain teeth themselves can’t be bleached).

If your implantologist does their job properly you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the shape and shade of your natural teeth and the replacement teeth.

Dental implant surgery has come a long way in the last few years. Dentists, materials scientists and laboratory technicians are continuously perfecting the process of making replacement teeth that look realistic. With the right care, these prosthetic teeth can be permanent, lasting the rest of your life. Implants combine natural looking teeth with the greater functionality you enjoyed before tooth loss

If you want to find out if an implant procedure is for you, you can schedule a free consultation with the Same Day Teeth Suite in Nottingham, Loughborough or Leicester and get all the advice you need.

Having a bright white smile can boost your self-confidence and that’s just one benefit of dental implants that you will enjoy once they are in place.



Looking to replace your missing teeth?

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We have the solution for you!

We have a number of centres in the East Midlands:

  • Nottingham
  • Leicester
  • Loughborough

We have solutions for all individual cases and budgets:

  1. Single missing tooth replacement
  2. Multiple missing teeth replacement
  3. All teeth replacement
  4. Unhealthy/unattractive teeth replacement

Watch the video below to see the different cases of before and after tooth replacement treatments done by the Sameday Teeth Suite experts.
To learn which would be the best option for you request your FREE Missing Teeth Guide and book your FREE consultation today!