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New Teeth, New Opportunity: Enhance your lifestyle

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Some people age gracefully and have healthy looking teeth and lovely smiles.  Others are not so fortunate, and through ageing, accident, injury or ill health are missing teeth.  As this happens, not only do we feel less attractive but our confidence plummets as we feel our younger selves slipping away. We begin to think the only hope is a set of dentures.  Welcome to a new era of replacement teeth and new opportunities.  The Same Day Teeth Suite will enhance your lifestyle when fitting your dental implants and turn back the clock. You could very soon be seeing your familiar self looking back from the mirror and be ready to set sail on new adventures with new or old friends.

You would be surprised how many of those older people with healthy looking teeth and lovely smiles you admire actually already have had dental implants fitted. Dental implants are made by our highly skilled technicians not only to resemble your natural teeth in shape and colour but to fit and function perfectly too.  No risk of embarrassing moments when you bite into your favourite foods or laugh too heartily. Modern dental implants and teeth mimic natural teeth so convincingly it is very hard to tell who has replacement teeth and who does not.

A dental implant is made to simulate a natural tooth by mimicking the crown and the root, buried in the jawbone.  The dental implant, a tiny titanium post, replaces the root of the tooth. A false tooth, or crown, made to replicate a natural tooth,  is then secured to the implant. Although the procedure is not too painful, you will have a sedative and anaesthetic to keep you relaxed and free from pain throughout the treatment.

A realistic-looking dental crown, or set of dentures, is fitted to the posts where it remains, safe and secure. Many improvements have been made since implants were first invented, and millions of people worldwide have a better quality of life because of them.

Fitting implants is now a relatively simple procedure and one that can be done quickly and without a long recovery period.   This is the result of comprehensive preplanning where our clinicians produce a 3D guide that allows us to plan and create your implants accurately.

If you are missing one or more teeth or have lost all of your teeth in one or both jaws, we can fit implants and single tooth replacement.  Multiple teeth may require more implants to support bridgework.  And multiple implants will be needed to support a full arch of teeth or denture.  Whichever you need, your dentist will advise you and talk you through the whole procedure. No doubt about it; dental implants can enhance your lifestyle.

Don’t waste your opportunities, call for a free consultation at the SameDay Teeth Suite.

The Joys of Teeth in a Day in Loughborough

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Unlike traditional dental implants that require time to heal and the patient is required to wear temporary dentures, it is now possible to go home the same day with fixed teeth in place.  They get to go home in Loughborough wearing fixed teeth the very same day the procedure is carried out.  This patient had Teeth in a Day and in this blog we discuss and illustrate the procedure and view the patient’s own testimonial.

The patient came in very nervous and was very apprehensive about her initial visit to the SameDay Teeth Suite due to some bad experiences in her dental history.The dentist was able to reassure her but unfortunately,  for this patient, the majority of her teeth had to be extracted. And, as if that wasn’t enough for her to contend with, the patient really could not stand the idea of wearing dentures for many months while the titanium posts, inserted to take her replacement teeth, healed in place.  We were able to offer her Teeth in a Day that, unlike traditional implants, are ready to take fixed teeth the same day the posts are implanted.

On the upper set, all this patient’s teeth were removed, and five dental implants were placed into the upper jaw. Traditionally we let this heal for approximately two to three months before we load the case and put replacement teeth on top of the implants. In this case, the patient did not wish to have a removable denture for that entire length of time. With Teeth in a Day, after we had placed the posts, we immediately placed a full-arch temporary bridge so  the patient could have a confident smile on the same day without the need for a denture.

After the procedure was completed and the patient was ready to go home, she was issued with a list of important instructions to ensure she made a full recovery and took good care of her implants and her teeth in order she knew how to avoid any complications during the period her temporary bridge was in place. It is important to keep your whole mouth, including the dental implants scrupulously clean.  Brushing at least twice a day, cleaning around the gums with a teepee brush,using a mouthwash at night and keeping your appointments with the hygienist will make sure everything goes according to plan.  And don’t eat anything which will put undue pressure on the implants such as toffees!


The patient was delighted with the result. “ I was delighted to smile again”

Even though the bridge was temporary, she was thrilled she did not have to wear dentures even for a few months and could confidently go about her life while she waited to have her final bridge fitted.

Five months later we made a new permanent bridge and the patient completed the treatment.  Armed with the knowledge, she will need to maintain good oral hygiene and keep regular appointments with a qualified hygienist every three months to ensure her oral health, the longevity of her implants will be ensured.

To listen to what the patient had to say herself view her testimonial here

Just call for a free consultation: 01509 323420 and ask about our Teeth in a Day procedure in Loughborough

Is the Teeth in a Day Procedure Painful in Loughborough?

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If you are looking for one of the most advanced restorative options for teeth available today, then you might like to consider the Teeth in a Day system. It’s also known as All on 4 Implant or Same Day Teeth and it’s a pain free and effective way to restore your bright smile.

The Teeth in a Day System allows a full arch of teeth to be replaced using only 4 or 5 dental implants. In conventional denture replacement you normally need around 6 to 8 implants and many people shy away from this because they are afraid of the pain it may cause. Implants are used to provide a supporting base for a hybrid bridge that can bring about a dramatic transformation in a person’s smile.

The All on 4 Implant procedure is considered a cheaper and more efficient way to better teeth than the traditional dental implant which often requires processes such as bone grafting and requires multiple appointments.

We’ve been using this new process at the Same Day Teeth Suite in Loughborough for a while and it is proving popular for those looking to restore their smiles in a more cost effective and pain-free way.

The Teeth in a Day System requires only 4 implants to support a full set of dentures and it does this by using extreme precision and strategic placement. Because the implants are in exactly the right place, they can provide greater support and maximum stability and offer an excellent alternative to other processes such as root-form and plate-form dental implants.

The other great thing is that they can be completed in just a single day.

One of the things that people worry about, and something that often puts them off, is how much pain having implants is going to cause. Fortunately, the All on 4 Implant procedure is conducted under IV sedation administered by a qualified oral surgeon.

At the Same Day Teeth Suite in Loughborough intravenous or IV sedation involves anti-anxiety medications being delivered to the bloodstream during the dental procedure. It’s often chosen by those who are anxious or fearful about undergoing dental reconstruction and it is both effective and highly reliable. IV sedation is extremely safe at the Same Day Teeth Suite because it is carried out by a specially trained dentist.

We fully understand how frightening a trip to the dentist can seem and especially for this type of restorative procedure that requires a long appointment. We have gained national reputation for treating nervous patients and our Teeth in a Day dentist, Dr Kalpesh Bohara is a phobia certified dentist.

That’s why we promise a relaxing and no pain solution to your dental reconstruction; at the end of which you will have beautifully permanent fixed and natural looking teeth. If you have any questions or want to book your initial free consultation at our Loughborough clinic, then contact our friendly team today.