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Double Jeopardy – Crown or Bridge with Braces

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Some patients have complex problems and, although they want to straighten their teeth to improve their image and self-esteem, are under the impression they can’t have braces if they already have a crown or a bridge. They believe it is either one thing or another.  Not true.  The Same Day Teeth Suite are happy to correct this misconception and correct your smile.

The first step in repositioning your teeth involves a consultation with the dentist to see what is wrong, be it crooked teeth, uneven teeth, gaps or overcrowding, and to take x-rays to check the overall health of your teeth.  A full examination will determine the stability of an existing crown or bridge, and any other dental work, before treatment commences.  The dentist will discuss with you what is possible, what is probable and what you want to achieve with the end result.


This patient was very embarrassed by his smile, the position of his teeth and the unnatural crown on his central incisor.  He wanted to improve the cosmetic appearance of his teeth and his image.  Self-confidence is an important factor with everyone who wants straight teeth and none of us want to be ashamed when we open our mouth to speak or smile for the camera. A humiliating smile can be so debilitating and can now be repaired discreetly, no matter your age.

After examination of the mouth and proper discussion and planning, it was decided this patient was to have braces to straighten his teeth.  Once the teeth were straightened, he followed on with whitening treatment to improve the colour of his teeth and a high-quality crown, to replace the unsightly crown on his upper central tooth, enhancing the final result.


What a difference!  It is not surprising this patient is delighted with the end result and is happy to show you his new and natural smile.

Brace treatment is a commitment. It is very important the patient wears a retainer every night or every second night following treatment for the rest of life to prevent the teeth from moving and returning to their original position.  But fear not, retainers are no longer as uncomfortable as you might have once imagined.

Take a step in the right direction and book an appointment at the Same Day Teeth Suite for a FREE consultation.

2 Uplifting Denture Solutions

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Whether you need one tooth replaced, a few teeth or a full set there are several choices of dentures to suit your needs and desires. Whatever you select, they must fit, feel comfortable, perform well and look realistic. The Same Day Teeth Suite will talk you through your different options so you can make an informed decision.

So you have lost a tooth, or several teeth, through age, disease, decay or injury and not only does it look unsightly but your bite has been affected and without replacement teeth your jaw will eventually alter, causing your face to look sunken, your chin and nose too prominent, and, sadly, you can end up looking as if you would benefit from a facelift. Help is at hand. The result of this experience is you need to replace your missing teeth with a partial denture. Whether it is a front or back tooth, one, two or three, you can have a cobalt chrome denture or a clear plastic partial denture without looking or feeling as if you have prematurely aged.

The cobalt chrome denture is a fantastic solution. It has a metal framework which hooks onto specific teeth and increases the retention of the denture, making sure it stays in place. One of the biggest fears of all denture wearers is they will lose their teeth at an embarrassing moment and will suffer from the humiliation, becoming the butt of many jokes.

A second great feature of the cobalt chrome denture is it only partially covers the roof of your mouth. Made of lightweight materials, it does not feel awkward or alien in your mouth and does not affect speech or chewing. It can be used to replace front teeth, and some side teeth, provided the adjacent crucial teeth are healthy and strong and can withstand the clasps.

The second solution is a plastic partial denture, an acrylic denture. This denture can also replace one or several teeth. It is an excellent choice if you need to replace your back teeth or molars as it creates a suction effect to keep the denture securely in place.

The aesthetics of dentures are critical. Whether you are a candidate for cobalt chrome or clear plastic dentures, it is the teeth and gums which must be made well to replicate natural teeth and look entirely realistic with the rest of your teeth and your smile.

At the Same Day Teeth Suite we offer different levels of quality of cobalt chrome dentures and acrylic dentures which vary in design, quality of material and teeth. If you would like to discuss new dentures or consider replacing your old ones, contact The Same Day Teeth Suite for a personal consultation here.

Find the Daredevil in Yourself by Replacing Your Missing Teeth Painlessly

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Even heroes amongst us can be afraid of the dentist, either as a result of a traumatic experience as a child or simply by using your imagination.  Nevertheless, the horror of visiting the dentist has stayed with you. Same Day Teeth Suite can banish your demons once and for all and replace your missing teeth painlessly.

You may be missing one, or more teeth and be missing out on so much in life. If you are missing a tooth, you can lose your confidence, even amongst family members, and decline to participate in so many activities, hiding away.  You want your teeth replaced, but you don’t think you are brave enough.  If you are missing teeth, you may be feeling totally depressed. Eating may be awkward, with food getting lodged between your remaining teeth as they shift position, increasing the risk of decay and gum disease.  And to cap it all, you think you need a facelift, as your muscles slacken around your mouth, making you feel old before your time.  Not only are you afraid of the dentist, but you are also afraid you may end up with dentures like your grandmother’s; the butt of so many old jokes.

Fear not, everything changes and help is at hand.  Modern advancements in dentistry and sedation make a visit to the dentist to replace missing teeth a painless experience.  Something to be welcomed, not avoided. Dental surgeries are no longer clinical and hostile but exude the peaceful atmosphere more akin to a spa than somewhere medical. And, once you have taken the first brave step through the door, advanced sedation techniques allow you to relax totally in safe hands and remain totally in control. And, just as dentistry sedation has improved beyond recognition, so have the options for replacing missing teeth.  

Depending on how many teeth you are missing, the condition and health of your mouth and remaining teeth, you may choose between dentures, bridges or dental implants.  Modern false teeth, or crowns, are all individually crafted to look as natural as possible, simulating real teeth and restoring your smile.

If you are considering replacing missing teeth, your treatment options include:

  • Dentures (also called false teeth) – A frame of metal or plastic individually fitted to your mouth with simulated teeth attached.
  • Bridges – Simulated teeth that are fixed to the adjacent remaining natural teeth.
  • Dental implants – Titanium poles that are surgically fitted in the jaw to simulate the root of the tooth to which dentures, crowns or bridges are securely attached.

Every patient is different and has a different set of needs. Why not book a consultation at Same Day Teeth to see which option is most suitable for you. We offer a FREE consultation where you can discuss your fears and options at length with one of our experienced dentists.

New Tips On How To Choose Your Dentures in Leicester

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Some patients eventually need a full set of dentures and rather than bemoan this unfortunate state of affairs you can replace all your natural teeth with a  well constructed complete set and embrace the opportunity to have a beautiful smile.

Sadly, some patients with missing teeth have been fitted by another dentist with a poorly made set of dentures which not only were uncomfortable, unreliable and looked fake but altered their profile. Their cheeks were sunken, making their nose and chin protrude, and they did not recognise themselves.  The SameDay Teeth Suite in Leicester are only too happy to make and fit new dentures to boost your confidence and restore your smile.

When researching your options for a good set of dentures, it is important your dentist has lots of experience in providing dentures which are not only aesthetically pleasing but which are stable and reliable.  They must fit and function well.

For those who don’t know, a full denture consists of a removable plate with a complete set of replacement teeth permanently attached.  There are various types, made of different materials, but the one most favoured by our patients are the BPS or Swiss dentures.  Just like their watches, Swiss technology, in the field of denture manufacture, is vastly superior to any other. These dentures are not only the most comfortable and best looking but function well, making speaking, eating and chewing pleasurable and reliable.  Instead of bemoaning your fate, you will look forward to your new teeth.

Many patients fear that after the essential extraction of a tooth, or many teeth for the sake of their oral health, there will be a period of time when they are toothless. The prospect is humiliating and embarrassing and you may want to shy away.  No problem.  Immediate dentures fill the gap while your mouth heals and your personal dentures are being made to custom fit.  Nobody goes home toothless.

Before extraction, we have an appointment with you to make some molds and assess your bite.  This information is sent to our laboratory where a temporary, or immediate, denture is constructed ready to replace your tooth on the day it has to be extracted.  You have a fully functioning tooth, or teeth, before fitting your permanent denture about eight weeks later.

There is a waiting period between the loss or extraction of teeth and your dentures because the bone has to heal and it will shrink.  Fitting permanent dentures too soon render them unstable and they become loose.

Unfortunately, lower full dentures are the most challenging types of dentures. Because the lower jawbone tends to shrink at a rapid rate and, in some patients, the lower jawbone can be almost flat,  a denture cannot have a suction effect without the hardened bone and can be very unstable. The ideal solution is to stabilise it using dental implants. We can stabilise a denture using locator attachments. Two implants are surgically fitted in the lower jawbone, and the locator attachments are fitted within the denture. The denture clicks onto the implants and stays in place without causing you concern.

Another solution is to consider bar attachments, which work in a similar way to implants but, in this instance, the denture is clicked onto the bar.

These are some examples of how we can stabilise a denture by using implant retained denture:

Denture Stabilised by Implants



Upper Denture Stabilised by Implants




Upper fixed bridge with implants and Lower Denture on Implants





If you need to replace your teeth, or your dentures, contact the SameDay Teeth Suite in Leicester HERE for a personal consultation.

How to Find in Nottingham the Right Fit for your Dentures

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At the SameDay Teeth Suite in Nottingham we see patients who need dentures and one of the first things they worry about is how well their new teeth will actually fit. It used to be, dentures were often loose and caused problems, especially when it came to eating.

With advances in modern technology we can now provide patients with a far more comfortable experience, including a more realistic smile as well as a long lasting solution to their dental problems.

One of the key factors in getting a good fit for dentures is to take a highly accurate impression. At the SameDay Teeth Suite we use silicon, which allows us to develop dentures with a much closer fit. Another thing that can affect how well a denture performs and the level of comfort is the state of the jaw line, and whether there has been any deterioration in the bone as a result of conditions such as gum disease.

The Problem with Normal Dentures

Traditional dentures are made from a standard impression and often don’t take the bite of the patient into account, something that can affect the fit over time. For quality dentures taking a primary impression is only the start of the process; we also measure things like your bite and monitor how the jawbone moves when eating.

Most people don’t know that dentures can be produced in various styles to suit both younger and more mature people, so that the teeth look perfectly natural for their age and appearance. We use injection-moulded acrylic material, which provides a much better fit and much more stable dentures.

High Quality Dentures

To help make sure dentures fit more securely we often like to include two or more implants to which the denture can be fitted, which provide a more solid platform, though this is not always possible with all clients. This is much more important for the lower denture and maintains a better fit and, more importantly, ensures comfort for the patient.

With normal full dentures, over time the lower set creates a flat ridge that makes it difficult for them remain stable. New Swiss Dentures that fit to the lower jaw allow for a more functional set of false teeth, which work better and give their owners more confidence, even if there is some problem with the underlying bone that prevents implants. This is important if you want your confidence back.

High quality dentures also last much longer, although of course this depends on the state of your jaw and whether there is any deterioration in the bone. At the SameDay Teeth Suite in Nottingham we’ve seen many patients opt for designs such as Swiss Dentures, which have literally transformed their lives. The process is carried out by our trained dental professionals, whose job is to put you at ease. The process involves assessing your teeth, jaw and bite as well as matching your new teeth to your age and physical complexion.

If you want a smile that is made to last, then book your visit today and see how we can help you.

The Benefits of Wearing Dentures in Loughborough

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There are a number of reasons why an individual might consider having dentures fitted, either to replace a few missing teeth, as in a partial fitting, or to replace a whole upper or lower set of teeth. At the SameDay Teeth Suite in Loughborough we’ve seen the powerful impact that new dentures can have on someone’s self-esteem and confidence. It’s not just about having a better smile though, there are also health benefits to having dentures fitted rather than letting tooth loss go unchecked.

Can you tell the difference?

At the SameDay Teeth Suite we are used to patients telling us that they can’t see the difference between dentures and normal teeth. That’s because, whether it’s a partial fitting or a whole denture, we take time and use the best expertise to produce teeth that fit perfectly and look great. When our patients look in the mirror and smile, their confidence is immediately boosted. They also don’t have to worry that they’ve been given ill-fitting dentures that will cause sore spots or problems with eating.

“We are not happy until the dentures look or set naturally” says Dr Kalpesh Bohara, clinical director at the SameDay Teeth Suite. “We want to achieve a three-dimensional look, not a two-dimensional look. It is important to take the time to ‘blend’ in the dentures with the teeth. They’re not straight, they’re not just flat, they all are individual teeth.”

Loose Dentures

Many people suffer from loose dentures without realising that there is something they can do about it. Even if you have been seen by another dentist and have been silently suffering with ill-fitting dentures for a number of years, we can help. If your bone structure is still intact then we can suggest implants to give make your dentures fit more securely. Even if that’s not the case we can fit Swiss Dentures, which are designed to stabilise the lower teeth.

Dentures Can Be Comfortable

You don’t have to suffer from badly made and poorly fitted dentures. As Dr Bohara says:

“At the practice, we use several procedures to enable the denture to fit , but also be comfortable at the same time. If you’ve got a very accurately fitting denture, it is going to be comfortable. The way we make them, the teeth that we use, they’re made to look like natural teeth. People will not be able to tell the difference between somebody who’s got their own teeth and somebody who’s got a denture. They do look that natural.”

The days of having to suffer from poor fitting dentures, not to mention the damage they inflict on your mouth over time, have all but gone. A simple visit to a clinic such as the SameDay Teeth Suite in Loughborough can ensure that your new dentures are a much better, more natural fit, giving you comfort when you eat and confidence when you smile. Contact us today to find out more.

What are the most cost-effective options for teeth replacement in Nottingham?

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There are various ways to replace missing teeth. One option is dentures, another is bridges and the other option is dental implants. Of course we see many patients with all of their teeth missing, and for them, the only option is to have dentures or dental implants, especially if what they don’t have are all of their upper or lower teeth.


Here at Same Day Teeth Suite, we offer different types of dentures, ranging from standard dentures to BPS injection molded dentures to Swiss dentures. These types of dentures are different from one another in terms of the comfort of the fit, the quality of the materials used and the quality of the teeth, which make the dentures look as natural as possible.

With temporary dentures, it may be necessary to use an adhesive, but this will depend on the amount of bone you’ve got to ensure the stability and retention of the denture. When using upper dentures also, a huge part of your palate will be covered, which will inevitably affect your taste sensation. This may take some time to get used to.

Also with dentures, you will continue to use the bone in your jaw, and this means that as time goes by, your denture will get looser. Therefore, it is advisable to replace dentures approximately every 6 or 7 years to prevent continued bone loss in the future. It should be clear to you, however, that this pattern shall continue as long as you are using dentures.

Many people who have come and visit the Same Day Teeth Suite express their dissatisfaction with their denture. The main reason why they are unhappy with their denture is its poor quality. Their dentures are ill-fitting, loose, they cover the majority of their palate and they just don’t look real. As a result, it becomes very hard for them to eat their food properly and comfortably. What’s worse is that the appearance of their dentures makes them less confident about their smile.

Dental Implants

It is safe to say that the discomfort of using dentures is what convinces many patients to go for dental implants instead. Now, when we have someone with missing teeth in the upper or lower arch, the options available are high-quality dentures or dental implants either to retain dentures or to have fixed teeth. Each of these options can give the patient confidence in their smile and ability to chew their food better. But of course, there are advantages and disadvantages in both these procedures.

Dental implants are probably more affordable than you may actually think. Each case is different and each individual person is different. Every case is different in terms of the amount of bone the patient has, as well as their needs and expectations. All these factors need to be considered when estimating the cost of dental implants.

Let’s say, for instance, a patient needs to replace his upper or lower teeth, it would be more cost-effective to use dentures with dental implant. On the lower arch, there can be two dental implants with a denture on top. Or, it is also possible to have four implants with a denture on top. On the upper teeth we prefer to have a minimum of 4 to 5 implants for denture on top. This denture is still removable and has great stability, which should allow the patient to eat their food properly and easily.

All-on-4 Treatment

At Same Day Teeth Suite, we also offer procedures that are very inexpensive simply because they allow us to place few implants versus traditional implant procedures. The Teeth-in-a-day procedure or the All-on-4 treatment option is a very cost-effective procedure.

The All-on-4 procedure is advantageous to those patients suffering from severe lack of self-confidence because of their loose dentures, failing teeth, loose teeth caused by gum problems. This type of procedure is a better choice compared to having traditional implant treatments for fixed bridges for several reasons – it is more affordable, it is not as stressful, and it can be done in a much shorter time. More importantly, it reduces healing time.

When you have your teeth removed, there is an 88 percent chance that you can also have implants straightaway, and you can have an immediate bridge placed on the same day. That means that by the end of the day, you can again enjoy eating and drinking, which are the things you were not able to do easily when you had dentures.

Patients who qualify to have the teeth-in-a-day or the All-on-4 procedure would traditionally have 4 to 5 implants placed in one arch with an immediate bridge. And after 3 to 4 months, they will have the final bridge. The real benefit of this type of procedure is how quickly a patient can go from having a denture to having a fixed bridge in their mouth allowing them to eat straight away.

In many cases, traditional teeth replacement methods involve bone grafting. This procedure is actually quicker, less expensive and comes with shorter healing time, mainly because bone grafts are eliminated and few implants are required. So why should you consider this type of technique? Well, the cost is lower, there is decreased chair time and healing time and it is simply the quicker and better way of getting a happier and healthier smile. Let us not forget also that the surgery has a reduced complexity.

At SameDay Teeth Suite in Nottingham, we take pride in our range of inexpensive teeth replacement procedures. As explained, you can choose among high-quality dentures, removable dentures, high quality dentures on dental implants, and teeth-in-a-day procedures. Whatever option suits you, rest assured that you can have fixed teeth without the need of using any dentures in your mouth. We can guarantee that you will leave our clinic having a more confident smile and a greater ability to eat any food that you want.


Tooth Extraction Before Having Implants or Dentures Fitted

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We all remember losing a tooth or two when we were children. It’s part of growing up, a rite of passage if you like. At one time or another in your youth there will have been the wiggling of a loose tooth, the childish pleasure when it finally came out, putting it under your pillow and waiting for the tooth fairy to leave some money.

For adults, however, tooth loss is a very different, more serious, matter and can cause loss of confidence as well as ruin a lovely smile and make it difficult to chew.

While our permanent teeth are meant to last nearly a whole lifetime, there are often times when tooth extraction is necessary – perhaps one gets damaged so badly it has to be removed, or there is so much decay it means a replacement is needed.

Another cause is from infection. Tooth decay or damage can reach down into the pulp or centre that contains all the nerves and blood vessels. Bacteria can cause an infection and this often needs to be corrected with Root Canal Therapy (RCT). If that fails, or the infection is too severe to be treated with antibiotics, it may be necessary to remove the tooth.

In some cases, where your immune system is compromised, as in the case of serious illness, even the risk of infection in a particular tooth can be reason enough to have it pulled.

Periodontal or gum disease also causes an infection around the tissues and bone of the tooth and, if left untreated, can cause loosening and eventual extraction.

How dentists extract a tooth

Dentists and oral surgeons normally perform tooth extractions. First of all, you will need an injection of local anaesthetic to numb the area around the tooth but if you are having more than one extracted a general anaesthetic or sedation that puts you to sleep may be the order of the day.

If the tooth you are having removed is impacted, then the dentist will cut away part of the gum and bone tissue that covers it. They will then use forceps to grasp the tooth and gently rock it back and forth to loosen it a bit more so that it comes away from the jaw. On occasion, a tooth may be more difficult to extract and will need to be removed in pieces.

When your tooth has finally been extracted, a blood clot will form in the socket. Your dentist packs this with a gauze pad and you bite down on it gently to help stop the bleeding.

Sometimes the dentist will need to put in a few self-dissolving stitches to close the gum over the extraction site. Other times, the blood clot can break loose causing a condition called dry socket – if this happens the dentist will place a sedative dressing over it that will need to stay in place for a few days.

Most tooth extractions are done as a preamble to having dental implants or dentures and our experts at the Same Day Teeth Suite in Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough will be able to advise and talk you through the whole process.

Why replace missing teeth?

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If you are missing a tooth, you know what a difference it can make to your eating habits, but it can also affect your speech and facial appearance. Losing a tooth can promote a lack of confidence and not doing something about it can lead to trouble in keeping your remaining teeth in a healthy condition.

You can lose teeth for a variety of reasons: untreated cavities, gum disease, cracked teeth and damaged roots, as well as everyday accidents, can all be causes. A number of people lose a tooth but fail to visit their dentist for advice, preferring to soldier on. For many this could be a big mistake in the long term.

Not replacing missing teeth can make you prone to other, more serious, oral health conditions that can have wide ranging and destructive effects.

Tooth shifting:

If you lose a tooth it creates a space and quite often your surrounding dentures will move. Over time this can cause crooked teeth as well as bite alignment issues that may need more detailed dental work that just replacing a missing tooth.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ):

Losing one or more teeth can impact on your bite alignment and stop your upper and lower jaw from meeting properly. In certain circumstances, this can cause TMJ, a painful and often debilitating condition that arises from damage to your jaw joint.

Increased risk of gum disease:

Having a gap in your teeth means that more food can get stuck there and it is often difficult to clean properly. This means you will have a greater probability of getting a periodontal disease, which, apart from being quite painful, can also cause further tooth loss if not treated.

Bone deterioration:

The root of your tooth is very important and can help stimulate the jawbone below. When this root is removed it can lead to a deterioration of the jaw bone area which, again, can also lead to additional loss of teeth.

Sunken facial appearance:

If your jaw deteriorates and there is bone loss it will have an impact on your facial appearance and can make you appear older.

If you have a missing tooth it is essential that you go to see a dentist, like the Sameday Teeth Suite in the East Midlands, who will be able to advise you on the best course of action. The single loss of a tooth can create a domino effect that, over time, can cause many problems. Your dentist might suggest:

  • Dentures for more severe tooth loss.
  • Bridges which are crowns that can be affixed to nearby natural teeth.
  • Implants which can be attached to the jawbone to provide a permanent fixture.

Your dentist will take a look at how many teeth you have missing as well as the condition of those remaining and then decide which solution is the best for you. There’s no doubt that replacing a tooth today will help you avoid even greater problems later, including a greater risk of periodontal disease, as well as the extra expense involved.

Book your FREE Consultation to missing teeth at one of our dental clinic in Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough to take action today.