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Drama or Crisis: Proven Methods To Reconstruct Your Smile

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A major accident or minor trauma can cause significant injury to your teeth.  Following something as traumatic as a car crash or as trivial as biting on a toffee, missing, dislodged or chipped teeth need immediate attention. The Same Day Teeth Suite will give you a free consultation and a prompt dental examination as it is vital the problem is diagnosed, and appropriate treatment is carried out, without delay before the remaining and adjacent teeth are potentially affected. The dentists have the technology and techniques to skillfully repair your teeth and prevent further problems.

Dental problems take many shapes and forms. Every case is different. You may have lost or cracked your incisors by being hit in the face accidentally with a cricket bat or fractured a tooth the day before your wedding.  The type of treatment required will vary from case to case, but help is at hand.

Tooth Loss Accidents

If you have fractured a large piece from one or more of your teeth, the dentist may decide a crown is the best form of treatment.  A tooth-shaped cap made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, metal, resin or ceramic, is created to fit permanently over your natural, damaged tooth.  Metal crowns are the strongest but porcelain or resin crowns are made to look as natural as your existing teeth.  If the damage is extensive, and most of the tooth has broken off, the dentist may decide to place a pin in the root and create a strong foundation for a crown, holding it permanently in place so it does not cause problems with adjacent teeth, and you can eat and speak normally.

If for any reason, you have accidentally knocked out one of your teeth, or possibly more, it is important to know how to protect the tooth in the event your dentist can re-implant it.  Firstly, make an emergency appointment with your dentist without delay.  Protect the loose tooth until your appointment by rinsing it with milk or salt water and keeping your tooth in your mouth if possible, either in its socket or between your cheek and gum.  Do not handle the tooth by the root, only by the crown. Do not rinse the tooth with plain water or alcohol and, if you can’t keep it in your mouth, put it in a clean container covered with milk or your own saliva.  If you can get to the dentist ideally within an hour of the accident or injury, and the tooth is healthy and properly protected, you have a good chance of saving the tooth.  If the dentist considers it prudent to re-implant, a splint of clear plastic or wire will be fitted to the abutting teeth to hold the implanted tooth in place whilst it heals.

Replacing Teeth

If it is not possible to re-implant your tooth, or you have lost a number of teeth, your dentist may advise an implant, a bridge or dentures. Implants consist of a titanium post, to replace the root, to which a carefully constructed crown is fixed.  This is the favoured method of replacing lost teeth as it is permanent, looks and feels natural and prevents further problems. A bridge may be recommended when more than one tooth needs replacing. A bridge, made of a row of natural looking ceramic teeth, is fixed into place by cementing the bridge to the adjacent remaining teeth.  Dentures, or false teeth, fit into the mouth with a removable frame holding the artificial teeth. Patients with complex or traumatic dental problems can now benefit from a new, simplified procedure known as the all-on-4 system that makes full-arch rehabilitation possible. A fixed bridge, supported by just four dental implants, can be undertaken painlessly in just one day.

Whether you are facing a drama or a crisis, The Same Day Teeth Suite have the solution.  Our sympathetic team will advise the correct treatment and restore your smile, helping you to feel a whole lot better in no time at all.


Boost Your Confidence With New Front Teeth

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Losing teeth can be a knock to your self-confidence especially as you get older. At the Same Day Teeth Suite, we’ve got plenty of experience in dealing with patients who want to see their smiles transformed.

In truth, most people don’t look forward to their visit to the dentist – it seems the natural state for a large number of us. Fortunately, we pride ourselves in putting all our patients at complete ease. Such was the case with one particular patient who admitted to a few jitters when he attended the clinic:

“I was apprehensive. I wasn’t quite sure what would be entailed but things worked out as well as I could have expected.”

Our first step in any treatment or appointment is to make sure the patient is relaxed and realises they are in a secure environment with qualified professionals who know what they are doing. That comes not just from our clinicians but also the nurses and support staff on site. Much of the problem with any dental procedure including extraction and putting in implants is the fear that it will hurt. With the latest techniques we can assure patients that they won’t be put in the position where they are suffering – and at the end of it all they will have a smile they can show the world. This particular patient was to have one tooth removed and two implants installed to his lower teeth.

It’s a relatively simple procedure nowadays and one that can be done quickly and without the long period of discomfort that used to be characteristic of days gone by. Most of this comes from the preplanning stage where our clinicians produce a 3D guide that allows us to place and create your implants accurately.

For single tooth replacements there are a number of options available:

  • A crown that acts as a cap over your existing tooth and can protect it from further wear
  • A single bridge that can fill the gap between a number of missing teeth
  • Single implants made of titanium onto which the new tooth is then attached

For our patient, the option was to have single implants and he was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly everything went:

“I’ve certainly had no problems at all and everything’s gone to plan. Everything’s gone on time and I am very happy with the result. I had a tooth removed, two implants and my front teeth, my lower front teeth now are very much like they were before, even maybe looking better.”

Even though he was a little apprehensive at first, like many other patients, he was very pleased with the result and can now enjoy smiling again without people noticing a gap or a fake tooth.

At the Same Day Teeth Suite, we know how important your smile is. We meet a lot of people who have been initially nervous about visiting the dentist, especially those in their 50s who perhaps think there is no point in having treatment. It’s surprising how something like a dental implant can transform someone’s self-confidence and give them a new lease of life.

If you want to find out how quick and easy it is to have an implant then contact us at the Same Day Teeth Suite today.

6 Essential Reasons To Replace Your Crowns

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You may have had a dental crown fitted in the past but what you may not know is whatever material they are made from, be it porcelain or gold, they don’t last forever.  The Same Day Teeth Suite explains why your crowns might need replacing and what happens when you need a new crown.

There are a variety of reasons a crown might need to be replaced including:

  1. Damage – Cracked or broken crowns

    Crowns are made of porcelain or ceramic or porcelain fused to metal or gold, known as PFM, for added strength.  However, they can crack or break, especially when trauma is involved. If you have had a fall, bitten on a hard toffee or have been injured in contact sports, you can damage your crown.

  2. Excessive Wear – Formation of a hole or wear to the opposing teeth

    As with most things, over time crowns start to age and deteriorate.  A hole might start to appear in a gold or metal crown, and wear can be seen on opposing teeth, with PFM crowns, especially if you are prone to grinding your teeth.

  3. Complications With Tooth Decay

    The margins, the join between the crown and the tooth underneath, can start to leak, causing decay. All types of crowns are equally at risk. Regular check up’s with your dentist will make sure you spot any indications of decay early on.

  4. Deterioration Of Cosmetic Appearance

    Over time, gums shrink and as they shrink back they leave the margins exposed, often displaying unsightly margins. The porcelain on white crowns can also change texture or pick up stains over time. This is more noticeable with any front porcelain crowns but especially with PFM’s.

  5. Why Replace A Crown

    Whether you have damaged your crown, it is wearing out, you have signs of tooth decay or your crown is beginning to look unsightly, it is a good indication you should have your crown replaced for functional, health and aesthetic reasons.

  6. Crown Replacement Procedure

    Crown replacement procedures can often be straightforward, especially if any problems are spotted early.  If you have broken, chipped or cracked your crown, or when leakage initially begins, don’t delay in making an appointment with your dentist.  As time progresses, the chances of leaking crowns causing further decay to the tooth underneath increases, making crown replacement a more complex procedure.

During the replacement process, the old crown is removed from the tooth, and the natural tooth underneath is exposed.  The natural tooth is made decay free and healthy.  The tooth may require a build-up to get it back to its original contour. Impressions and moulds are then made to allow for a construction of a new crown, which is then cemented or bonded in place in a conventional way.

The skilled technicians at our laboratory will make a replacement crown to match in shape and size to your existing teeth, giving you back your smile. The dentist will advise you on the best materials for your crown; porcelain, ceramic or porcelain fused to metal or gold, depending on the position of the tooth.

If you would like to know more about replacing your crown, contact us by leaving a comment and we will answer any further questions you may have.

The 4 Steps of Tooth Extraction in Nottingham

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Even the toughest and bravest of us baulk at the idea of having a tooth extracted.  The very thought is enough to send us running in the opposite direction. Fortunately for anyone who needs a tooth removed, the Same Day Teeth Suite can make this a painless, stress-free experience, putting your anxieties to rest once and for all.

  1. Why extract teeth?

    Nowadays,  adult teeth are only extracted by your dentist for a  very good reason. Your dentist will do everything in his power to save a tooth before even contemplating extraction. However, this is not always possible. You may have a badly infected or decayed tooth or your wisdom teeth have erupted, and you will be better off having them extracted before they cause serious problems. Perhaps you have a very overcrowded mouth with too many teeth and need to lose a few in order to allow the remainder to be straightened. Alternatively, you need dental implants or dentures and need to have some teeth extracted to make way for implant surgery and your new crowns.

  2. How is a tooth extracted?

    When a tooth can’t be saved or is causing problems, and all alternative remedies have been exhausted, it will have to be extracted. The procedure involves numbing the area with anaesthetic so you can’t feel any pain or discomfort. The only sensation you will feel is a slight pressure as the dentist forcibly moves the tooth, loosening the ligaments and bone enough to allow the tooth to slip out. You may hear an unpleasant splintering noise, but as the whole procedure is over in seconds, there is nothing to worry about. It is as simple as that!

  3. What happens after tooth extraction?

    As soon as the tooth, or teeth, have been removed, the socket of the tooth is packed with a pad of surgical wool, and you bite down to apply pressure. After a few minutes, the bleeding stops, and a clot begins to form. It is always a good idea to ask a family member or friend to drive you home as, for the first 24 hours following tooth extraction, you must not take any exercise. Any increase in blood pressure can cause the socket to start bleeding again. Do not rinse the socket and disturb the clot in the first 24 hours. Do not smoke and avoid alcohol, as these both can disrupt and delay the healing process.

The following day you will need to start hot water and salt mouthwashes to keep the socket clean and assist healing. A gentle rinse, and not a gargle, will prevent shifting the clot which will have formed in the empty socket, causing it to bleed again. If you are on blood thinning medication, your dentist will go over all the essential safeguards before you begin treatment.

What do you do about the gap?

One of the most distressing factors with tooth extraction is the idea of a gap in your teeth. Even just one tooth, especially if it is at the front, can look unsightly, make it awkward to eat or to speak naturally and ruin a smile. Once your mouth has healed, we can begin treatment to resolve the problem with a dental implant fitted into the empty socket and a custom made crown to take the place of your lost tooth. We will soon have you smiling again.

Is fear getting in the way of your needed tooth extraction? Post a comment below if you have any question or need reassurance.

Growing up without teeth; How to resolve the problem of teeth that never form

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In dentistry, hypodontia is the condition at which the patient has missing teeth as a result of the failure of those teeth to develop.  Hypodontia describes a situation where the patient is missing up to five permanent teeth, usually involving the maxillary lateral incisors, the teeth either side of your two top front teeth. The baby teeth, or milk teeth, fall out but the adult, permanent teeth do not grow in, leaving the child with a complex problem that may not be resolved until adulthood and only with the help of a good dentist.  Such a condition can leave the young patient very distressed, but the Same Day Teeth Suite can restore your smile and your confidence long after you have stopped believing in the tooth fairy.  If the problem was not treated in your teens, it is never too late to make a new smile.

During their lifetime a person will have two sets of teeth; the initial set develops during babyhood followed by the adult teeth by the age of ten or twelve years old. However, some unfortunate children’s permanent teeth never form. This involves one or two teeth and, occasionally, more. The result is the adult teeth become misaligned, losing symmetry, causing misery to the patient at a young age. This condition often runs in families and affects girls more often than boys.  By the time it becomes obvious there is no permanent tooth to replace the primary tooth, a plan will need to be made with an experienced dentist to resolve the problem as the child develops into a teenager and then, eventually, an adult.  As the child will not be fully grown when hypodontia becomes apparent, there will need to be a series of treatments put in place before the teeth can be realigned and the resulting gap, or gaps, closed with replacement teeth; with implants or a bridge. Advanced technology has given dentists many more options to resolve the problem, and it is almost impossible to tell replacement teeth from natural teeth nowadays. The braces used to move teeth into their correct position are very discreet and much more comfortable to wear than the fixed braces of the past.

Case study:  A woman in her early thirties came to see us for help to resolve the problem of her missing tooth; a lateral incisor. She had a small gap between her upper front tooth and her canine tooth, not large enough for an adult lateral incisor.  In her teens, she had worn braces.  As soon as the treatment was completed and her teeth were moved to their correct position, leaving space for a bridge and replacement incisor to be fitted, both her upper and lower teeth began moving again as there was nothing to keep her teeth in position.  The treatment was repeated with the second set of braces and a new bridge but all to no avail.  By the time she visited the Same Day Teeth Suite, she was very unhappy with her smile.  She persevered with new, discreet braces fitted top and bottom, followed by retainers that will keep her teeth permanently in place and a new bridge with a natural-looking replacement tooth.  She now has a perfectly symmetrical smile, and her trials are behind her.

If you suspect your child may not be developing his, or her, adult teeth or if you have grown up with missing and misaligned teeth, visit the Same Day Teeth Suite for a free consultation.

6 Good Reasons To Replace Your Missing Teeth Now

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Those of us who delay can remember all the lost chances, missed deadlines, and failures we incurred just because of our nasty habit of putting things off until it is often too late.  However, despite the temptation to procrastinate, when it comes to replacing a missing tooth, there are serious consequences.  The Same Day Teeth Suite will alert you to the dangers of hesitation and replace your missing tooth straight away.

When you lose a tooth through injury or decay, you are at risk of:

  • Adjacent teeth drifting into the space provided by the missing tooth.
  • Causing difficulties in cleaning teeth and oral hygiene.
  • An unattractive smile.
  • Developing a lisp or other speech impediment.
  • Developing a poor bite and chewing efficiency.
  • Bone loss.

Act now, to avoid any or all of these problems in the future.  Avoiding treatment will not help you to escape any of these issues. Eventually, they will catch up with you.  Perhaps it is one of your back teeth that is missing. Just because nobody else can see the unsightly gap when you smile does not make it a case of out of sight, out of mind.

There are many options to replace your missing tooth or teeth, and each has their benefits.  There are long-term implications on your oral health, whichever option you choose.  Dental implants are definitely a great way of replacing teeth because they do not involve cutting down adjacent teeth and wearing a denture, a removable appliance.  Dental implants, both in the way they function and look, are the closest thing to a natural tooth.

If you were to delay in replacing your missing tooth, you would make fitting a dental implant much more challenging and the opportunity might be missed altogether.  The problem is that over time the bone will shrink and the implant, a tiny titanium post, will be very difficult to fit into the shrunken jaw bone. It is possible, with today’s technology, to overcome this problem with a minor bone graft before surgically fitting the implant.  Not only is this a more complex procedure but a more expensive one.  You can save yourself time, money and distress by acting immediately.

Implants replace the roots of your teeth. Made of titanium, because it is unlikely to be rejected, the implant is fitted into your bone socket in place of the missing root. A crown, or cap,  is then bonded or screwed to the implant to make it look just like your natural tooth in shape, size and colour and fills the gap of the missing tooth and is what you will see.  The crown not only looks natural but functions in strength and bite in the same way as real teeth.

Our crowns are made by our skilled and experienced technicians to suit your face and to fit and function naturally.  The crowns are made from different materials which not only dictate the final effect but the cost.  If you are delaying replacing missing teeth for fear of how the treatment will impact on your budget, we offer a financial plan to suit everyone.

If you are missing a tooth and need it replaced immediately, contact the Same Day Teeth Suite.

2 Uplifting Denture Solutions

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Whether you need one tooth replaced, a few teeth or a full set there are several choices of dentures to suit your needs and desires. Whatever you select, they must fit, feel comfortable, perform well and look realistic. The Same Day Teeth Suite will talk you through your different options so you can make an informed decision.

So you have lost a tooth, or several teeth, through age, disease, decay or injury and not only does it look unsightly but your bite has been affected and without replacement teeth your jaw will eventually alter, causing your face to look sunken, your chin and nose too prominent, and, sadly, you can end up looking as if you would benefit from a facelift. Help is at hand. The result of this experience is you need to replace your missing teeth with a partial denture. Whether it is a front or back tooth, one, two or three, you can have a cobalt chrome denture or a clear plastic partial denture without looking or feeling as if you have prematurely aged.

The cobalt chrome denture is a fantastic solution. It has a metal framework which hooks onto specific teeth and increases the retention of the denture, making sure it stays in place. One of the biggest fears of all denture wearers is they will lose their teeth at an embarrassing moment and will suffer from the humiliation, becoming the butt of many jokes.

A second great feature of the cobalt chrome denture is it only partially covers the roof of your mouth. Made of lightweight materials, it does not feel awkward or alien in your mouth and does not affect speech or chewing. It can be used to replace front teeth, and some side teeth, provided the adjacent crucial teeth are healthy and strong and can withstand the clasps.

The second solution is a plastic partial denture, an acrylic denture. This denture can also replace one or several teeth. It is an excellent choice if you need to replace your back teeth or molars as it creates a suction effect to keep the denture securely in place.

The aesthetics of dentures are critical. Whether you are a candidate for cobalt chrome or clear plastic dentures, it is the teeth and gums which must be made well to replicate natural teeth and look entirely realistic with the rest of your teeth and your smile.

At the Same Day Teeth Suite we offer different levels of quality of cobalt chrome dentures and acrylic dentures which vary in design, quality of material and teeth. If you would like to discuss new dentures or consider replacing your old ones, contact The Same Day Teeth Suite for a personal consultation here.

Why is Dental Implant Treatment So Expensive?

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Patients often ask the question ‘Why is the cost of Dental Implants generally so steep?’

A valid query indeed, it can be hard to validate such a significant amount of money on what seems to be a small sized mouthpiece. From planning the placement to abutments and crowns, single tooth dental implant treatments can be expensive. When browsing for the best price it’s easy to overlook the details and ignore the nature of the overall procedure. What we always try to relay to patients is that the price you pay is not only for the product but also an intricate service.

Placing dental implants is both an art and a science. The process is a delicate operation that involves a medical device being implanted into living tissue. This living tissue is home to nerves, blood vessels and sinuses, which will need to be treated with the utmost care and require careful attention. A well-positioned dental implant has the potential to last for an extensive period of your life, leaving you problem free. Unfortunately, if the implant is poorly placed this can lead to several serious complications and be a nightmare to fix. The oral cavity is a small surgical environment and can be as little as two millimetres; so even the slightest error can be the difference between success and failure.

In order to avoid unnecessary damage to your gums and wallet, it’s best to find an experienced implant surgeon as evidence suggests that sufficient experience affects your chances of a successful treatment. While there are no surgeons who specialise in dental implant like you have with orthodontists, it is important you look into your chosen surgeon’s background and patient testimonials.

Choosing the right surgeon is one step but there are a number of complex factors involved that can affect the end result and longevity of your implant, which is why a thorough assessment beforehand is crucial.

Some basic checks are:

  •      Gum health
  •      Bone quantity and quality
  •      Force of bite
  •      Medical history
  •      History of smoking
  •      Gum type
  •      General condition of the mouth

Maintenance is the final element of dental implants as any problems that may arise can be spotted early with regular checkups. Aftercare with a knowledgeable hygienist and dentist will help maintain your implant and ensure a painless and smooth result. Of course every case is unique and it may be that dental implants for missing teeth may not be the only fix, therefore a full mouth evaluation can help break down all your options.

Watch this video to hear about the experience of this gentleman who explains his journey of getting a dental implant at the SameDay Teeth Suite in the East Midlands. He previously had teeth messed by another dentist and now feels really happy.

At The Same Day Teeth Suite, we offer a free initial consultation to all patients.

If price is a worry, we can help.  You may wish to divide the cost with one of our simple price plans of your choosing that range over 1-5 years.

Every case is different so why not book your visit today and see how we can help keep those teeth trouble free and smiling bright.

New Tips On How To Choose Your Dentures in Leicester

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Some patients eventually need a full set of dentures and rather than bemoan this unfortunate state of affairs you can replace all your natural teeth with a  well constructed complete set and embrace the opportunity to have a beautiful smile.

Sadly, some patients with missing teeth have been fitted by another dentist with a poorly made set of dentures which not only were uncomfortable, unreliable and looked fake but altered their profile. Their cheeks were sunken, making their nose and chin protrude, and they did not recognise themselves.  The SameDay Teeth Suite in Leicester are only too happy to make and fit new dentures to boost your confidence and restore your smile.

When researching your options for a good set of dentures, it is important your dentist has lots of experience in providing dentures which are not only aesthetically pleasing but which are stable and reliable.  They must fit and function well.

For those who don’t know, a full denture consists of a removable plate with a complete set of replacement teeth permanently attached.  There are various types, made of different materials, but the one most favoured by our patients are the BPS or Swiss dentures.  Just like their watches, Swiss technology, in the field of denture manufacture, is vastly superior to any other. These dentures are not only the most comfortable and best looking but function well, making speaking, eating and chewing pleasurable and reliable.  Instead of bemoaning your fate, you will look forward to your new teeth.

Many patients fear that after the essential extraction of a tooth, or many teeth for the sake of their oral health, there will be a period of time when they are toothless. The prospect is humiliating and embarrassing and you may want to shy away.  No problem.  Immediate dentures fill the gap while your mouth heals and your personal dentures are being made to custom fit.  Nobody goes home toothless.

Before extraction, we have an appointment with you to make some molds and assess your bite.  This information is sent to our laboratory where a temporary, or immediate, denture is constructed ready to replace your tooth on the day it has to be extracted.  You have a fully functioning tooth, or teeth, before fitting your permanent denture about eight weeks later.

There is a waiting period between the loss or extraction of teeth and your dentures because the bone has to heal and it will shrink.  Fitting permanent dentures too soon render them unstable and they become loose.

Unfortunately, lower full dentures are the most challenging types of dentures. Because the lower jawbone tends to shrink at a rapid rate and, in some patients, the lower jawbone can be almost flat,  a denture cannot have a suction effect without the hardened bone and can be very unstable. The ideal solution is to stabilise it using dental implants. We can stabilise a denture using locator attachments. Two implants are surgically fitted in the lower jawbone, and the locator attachments are fitted within the denture. The denture clicks onto the implants and stays in place without causing you concern.

Another solution is to consider bar attachments, which work in a similar way to implants but, in this instance, the denture is clicked onto the bar.

These are some examples of how we can stabilise a denture by using implant retained denture:

Denture Stabilised by Implants



Upper Denture Stabilised by Implants




Upper fixed bridge with implants and Lower Denture on Implants





If you need to replace your teeth, or your dentures, contact the SameDay Teeth Suite in Leicester HERE for a personal consultation.

The Joys of Teeth in a Day in Loughborough

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Unlike traditional dental implants that require time to heal and the patient is required to wear temporary dentures, it is now possible to go home the same day with fixed teeth in place.  They get to go home in Loughborough wearing fixed teeth the very same day the procedure is carried out.  This patient had Teeth in a Day and in this blog we discuss and illustrate the procedure and view the patient’s own testimonial.

The patient came in very nervous and was very apprehensive about her initial visit to the SameDay Teeth Suite due to some bad experiences in her dental history.The dentist was able to reassure her but unfortunately,  for this patient, the majority of her teeth had to be extracted. And, as if that wasn’t enough for her to contend with, the patient really could not stand the idea of wearing dentures for many months while the titanium posts, inserted to take her replacement teeth, healed in place.  We were able to offer her Teeth in a Day that, unlike traditional implants, are ready to take fixed teeth the same day the posts are implanted.

On the upper set, all this patient’s teeth were removed, and five dental implants were placed into the upper jaw. Traditionally we let this heal for approximately two to three months before we load the case and put replacement teeth on top of the implants. In this case, the patient did not wish to have a removable denture for that entire length of time. With Teeth in a Day, after we had placed the posts, we immediately placed a full-arch temporary bridge so  the patient could have a confident smile on the same day without the need for a denture.

After the procedure was completed and the patient was ready to go home, she was issued with a list of important instructions to ensure she made a full recovery and took good care of her implants and her teeth in order she knew how to avoid any complications during the period her temporary bridge was in place. It is important to keep your whole mouth, including the dental implants scrupulously clean.  Brushing at least twice a day, cleaning around the gums with a teepee brush,using a mouthwash at night and keeping your appointments with the hygienist will make sure everything goes according to plan.  And don’t eat anything which will put undue pressure on the implants such as toffees!


The patient was delighted with the result. “ I was delighted to smile again”

Even though the bridge was temporary, she was thrilled she did not have to wear dentures even for a few months and could confidently go about her life while she waited to have her final bridge fitted.

Five months later we made a new permanent bridge and the patient completed the treatment.  Armed with the knowledge, she will need to maintain good oral hygiene and keep regular appointments with a qualified hygienist every three months to ensure her oral health, the longevity of her implants will be ensured.

To listen to what the patient had to say herself view her testimonial here

Just call for a free consultation: 01509 323420 and ask about our Teeth in a Day procedure in Loughborough